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We are aware that as a result of the various problems prevalent in the healthcare industry, many patients are losing confidence and patience with the current system. Thus the birth of DocChat, where a more efficient alternative for healthcare was born. Here at DocChat, we aim to improve the entire healthcare delivery system by providing quick access to quality physicians. There are only 3 options for those in need of urgent medical assistance, emergency room (ER), primary care or urgent care. ERs across the country see 136.3 million patients annually. Many of these patients visit the ER as an alternative to their Primary Care Physicians (PCP) due to unavailability or unaffordability. These non-emergency cases bog down the ER resulting in extremely long wait times, lack of resources and financial strain on the hospital. The end result is an increase in medical errors, repeat ailments that haven’t been properly addressed, and higher mortality rates. Additionally, urgent care facilities require travel and patients need to wait in germ-ridden waiting rooms for an unknown about of time. DocChat eliminates travel time, wait periods, and high costs associated with doctor visits, while providing patients with the time and attention they deserve. DocChat allows for necessary follow-up after appointments to ensure proper care and prevent visits to the ER. DocChat providers can prescribe non-narcotics medications when medically necessary*. To prove the impact DocChat can have we conducted a pilot study including 500 patients across 17 nursing homes, providing them with 24/7 access to care in 15 minutes or less over video conferencing. Our study was unbelievably successful, yielding a 100% satisfaction rate, reducing E.R. utilization and cutting medical costs by $625,000. This demonstrates the potential DocChat has in revolutionizing the healthcare system.

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