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ENGINE. The brains agency

We are the team of dynamic and cutting edge professionals with new and agile approach to communications. We create efficient connect between a client and his customers. These are integrated creative solutions that we make!

Engine is a union of three professional crews whose brains work accurately and correctly to create sustainable connect between brand and people.

ENGINE. DIGITAL AGENCY is in charge of internet marketing, digital strategies,big scale projects. It’s creative contentLab & effective SMM factory.

ENGINE COMMS has a superior expertise in strategic and corporate communications, proactive PR programs, internal communications, event management, editorials, online and social media, integrated projects, brand and marketing communications, content and storytelling projects, communication strategies, media relations and stakeholder engagement.

ENGINE CREATIVE makes creative and design solutions.

Together we enjoy our daily work — to excel, to amaze, to lead, and to have fun!

We work globally helping localand international brands rock their markets.

Find out more about us at Facebook

ENGINE Comms&Creative: facebook.com/engine.ukraine

ENGINE. Digital Agency: http://facebook.com/engine.ua

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