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Arsentii Farenik

We believe the best lunch is happening at the restaurant table. But getting in and out of the restaurant takes too much effort and time. Especially, during busy lunchtime. Waiting for a table, for your waiter to come, for the food to be prepared, and for the check to arrive. Nobody has time for that. As a result, people end up eating lunch at their desks in the office.

We think they deserve better.

We’ve created Allset to ensure a seamless, wait-free lunch at local restaurants in under 30 minutes. Allset allows people to book, order, and pay for their meals before arrival. As table, food, and check are settled in advance — people can now take a real lunch break, enjoy the full restaurant experience, and always be on time.

We want to reclaim the restaurant lunch break: bring people from local offices back into local restaurants for lunch. To accomplish that, we create a wait-free dining experience so people can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying their food.

We help restaurants address the lack of diners during mid-week lunchtimes, increase table turnover by cutting dining time in half, and serve corporate clients for business meetings and employee lunches.

Today, Allset is available at the best local restaurants in San Francisco, NYC, Chicago, and Boston. It’s a great honor to have a role in the daily lives of the people we serve, and we can’t wait to bring Allset to more cities around the United States.

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