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No-Code Developer, 12 000 грн

Повна зайнятість, неповна зайнятість.
28 років
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Дистанційно, Запоріжжя

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Досвід роботи

No/Low-code + PGSQL (full stack "Payment system" developer)

з 04.2022 по 05.2023 (1 рік 1 місяць)
Yes.Money, Удаленно (IT)

About the project: a startup with a staff of 2 people, including the director (Java-Senior). Monobank-type Internet banking for local-level electronic currency (1 city = 1 currency) to support the national business of small towns.
Link to the beta version of the program, as well as a presentation from the director with the concept and details: https://previewer.adalo.com/522e3644-8b81-4a22-a936-97e4629fe1df). Currently, the project is almost complete, frozen pending legal approvals.

At the time of the start of work, the project had only a client application and functionality for receiving/sending currency between individual users, and I had never encountered anything with NoCode and had basic skills in T-SQL (without functions) and Access, but in the first month I mastered Adalo ( all documentation and videos were in English), and the second - PL/pgSQL. Knowledge of the subject field (internship at PrivatBank and experience as an economist) became the main thing.

About my work.
1. The main business logic is implemented by PostgreSQL functions (in SQuirreL SQL, later in IntelliJ IDEA). The back-end server was on Java and some modules (sms verification and pdf generation) I helped to implement upon completion of the main tasks without knowledge of Java, but to the extent of knowledge of other languages and Google.

2. Mobile user interface. applications and web administration was created on the no-code Adalo.com platform (make.com was also used to obtain some API data).

2.1) During the reworking of the concept, the main application was divided into three:
1) Yes.money - for an individual,
2) Yes.money business – for a legal entity, namely the owner of the company (verification of the company using the statutory documents signed by the ECP),
3) Yes.money sales - a client for receiving payments by a seller or an accountant, who can be invited to this program only by a legal entity.

Main functionality: fund transfer, invoicing, push notifications, message log, changing accesses and functionality visibility depending on the role, user downloading "bank statement".pdf generated by the back server, user verification at the registration stage using the SMS service API twilio.com.

2.2) Admin - to support mobile clients, implemented modules:
- statistical reports (number of users/payments per period, amount issued and circulation of funds);
- checking photos of documents confirming the personal or legal data entered by the user (passport, personal identification number, etc.), their confirmation or rejection;
- topping up the user's account;
- debiting currency from the user's account after payment of hryvnias to his card;
- viewing personal data of the user.

Economist (planning investment & operating activities, management accounting)

з 09.2019 по 08.2021 (1 рік 11 місяців)
HC Egoist (LLC "Spravzhniy Kapital"), Запорожье (Финансы, банки, страхование)

250-300 staff. The main object of work is HoReCa on the shore of the Azov Sea. Additional - an online store of dried fruits. Others: at the request of the Management Company, consulting economists of other HoReCa facilities; calculations of potential new objects (purchase of hotels/lease of land for development).

1.1 Formed the operating and investment budget by month / quarter / year, for each division. With the heads of departments, we planned costs and revenues based on the data of the hotel's operation last season, occupancy plans for the season and the impact of current investment investments. After that, the data was distributed to the budget, which was submitted for approval by the Management Company. An Explanatory Note was mandatory for him, where there were all the formulas that form this or that number, an explanation of the composition of variables or the value of coefficients. In the annual financial reports with the data in the EN, he compared the facts of the variables and displayed deviations, they were explained, which improved the accuracy of plans for the next season.

1.2 The investment budget was formed after annual reports to improve the facility. Each improvement had a Business Case that showed an acceleration in the return on investment of the object with a direct / indirect impact (such as a decrease in negative guest reviews). Further, the budget was defended and approved at a meeting with the MC.

2.1 Conducted daily Cash Flow Budget with separation of transactions from bank statements and cash (from 1s 8.3) by sole proprietors / Organizations. After that, the data was transferred to the Revenue & Expenditure Budget- according to their assignments by departments. Investment expenses - in the Investment Budget, and there accounting for types of costs and budget objects

2.2 In the off-season, weekly reporting on the implementation of the plan of advances received (for services during the season) and expenses, the amount of the operating cash gap, which was covered by money from the management company.

2.3 During the season, daily / weekly / monthly reporting on the proceeds received from points of sale / services; on deviation from the plan, signaling this to responsible persons, forecasting the results for the month under current trends.

3. Created and keeped an investment model of the current project, calculated new projects (construction / rent / purchase of sanatoriums, recreation centers, etc.) - their payback period and profitability (in the current state / with investments)

4. Handed over the report forms I created and advised economists on other projects of the Management Company on them



Economic cybernetics, Запорожье
Вища, з 2013 по 2019 (6 років)

Using mathematics, statistics and IT tools to analyze and find relationships in big data systems. After identifying the factors influencing the system, predicting and changing its behavior.

Додаткова освіта та сертифікати

Python Junior Programming (module within the course СA "SHAG")

2021, 1 month

Python Programming Fundamentals (coursera.org)

2021-22, 3 months

PrivatBank Online Practice (Certificate No. 1214766 "Specialist in the promotion of banking services of the 2nd level")

2018, 1 month

The "cashier (at the enterprise, institution, organization)" qualification - courses in ZEC №82. Certificate AR №45216857


SQL - study of an interactive textbook (sql-tutorial.ru) with tasks for creating queries to MS sql server (www.sql-ex.ru)

2021, 1 month

UIPath (free from internet) - data scraping, exp/imp excel, SQL query (3 tables)

2022, 1

Website design by V.Nasadyk (HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap)

2023, 2 months

QA Manual (QATestLab): WEB, Android, PC game.

2022. Created during training (on EN lang): 50 BugReport on mantis, 1 on Jira. 10 TestCase on TestLink. TestPlan. CheckList.

DIYA. Digital education

1 day

Automations (internship)

2023, 1 month. Make.com scenarios: watch Monday.crm and response; export data crm -> PandaDoc to generate a document

Знання і навички

PostgreSQL MS Office MS Excel MS Word MS PowerPoint Database Programming BASIC Pascal Delphi CRM GUI Iiko Python R-Keeper Shelter MS Visual basic Користувач Internet База даних Верстка Ведення звітності Написання ТЗ ООП 1С:Підприємство Цифрова грамотність 1C 1C:Enterprise Grammatically correct speech Adalo Low-code No-code HTML CSS SASS Bootstrap No/Low-code Stable Diffusion ChatGPT AI Twillo Integromat PL/pgSQL Здатність до навчання GitHub PandaDoc Monday CRM Make.com Zoho Inventory

Знання мов

  • Англійська — середній
  • Російська — вільно
  • Українська — вільно

Додаткова інформація

❗Until the end of the war, I can only work remotely, and after that - any format (preferably USA/night schedule).
I can learn to work in any no-code development/automation platform in a month.
I will also consider vacancies: Python / JS / Automation trainee.
I am not fit for the army, don’t drink/smoke, no criminal record.
Master's degree 86/100 points (international certificate IES).

In 2019, he graduated from the ZIEIT master's program and began working as an economist in the Egoist Hotel and Restaurant Complex. There I received first work experience, which I ended termination (of employment) by mutual consent. After that, I decided to retrain for the second direction of the specialty - IT. I started learning SQL and Python and got a job where SQL and knowledge of economics were needed.

During the work of No-Code dev got the experience of self-learning Adalo, in which there is no ru/ua documentation or video, as well as self-learning PL/pgSQL based on already written functions and documentation; got acquainted with the service for sending sms twillo and connecting processes using API, Webhook, JSON; experience working in the night shift.
Along with work, I took QA manual courses, because they are useful to everyone connected with IT.
After work, I became interested in website layout, studied HTML/CSS (+sass), created several websites and one on Bootstrap, after which I little studied Javascript (Webstorm).

Personal qualities

I am not a conservative, I am tolerant towards representatives of all nationalities, religions, genders, orientations, etc. (after all, there are no bad societies, there may be bad representatives of them, and only the Sith raise everything to an absolute).

I learn quickly, have a mathematical mind and algorithmic thinking. Assiduous, I can be 14h/day at my PC. I think wider than the standards and frameworks adopted in solving any problems. I believe that any system can be improved using new knowledge, methods, approaches, and I am ready to change myself by adopting advanced approaches.

I'm not afraid of responsibility and love teamwork. When I have studied the task, I am ready to lead the team and teach / explain to them their functionality for the best and fastest solution. I like to analyze, optimize and improve processes, automate if possible. I can understand processes from various and completely unrelated spheres of life.

PAEI test - result - paeI (p6a5e7i9).

Hobbies and interests

•Cooking, home gardening, PC games, movies/series,
•pop-sci and psychology (discoveries in the exact sciences, experiments; research into the psychology and nature of the human species and the masses of people, reactions under the influence of various types of influences.)
•AI - of all types and everything related to them, the future is behind them.

I have this resume on RU/UA.

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