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Chief Executive Officer, IT director, top-manager

Повна зайнятість.

62 роки

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Шукач вказав телефон та ел. пошту.

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Досвід роботи


з 10.2017 по нині (1 рік 2 місяці)
-, Kiev (.)


з 06.2010 по 10.2017 (7 років 4 місяці)
outsoursing (self-employed), Kiev (IT)

Information security, user support.
Technical translations from English.

Director executive – IT director

з 07.1996 по 06.2010 (13 років 11 місяців)
Large well-known national trading network , Kiev (retail and wholesale of electrical and electronic consumer goods, household supply, photographic equipment, computers, etc. )

Information-methodical support for business:
•Creating the IT department from beginning and the totally controlling of department’s activity;
•Organizing business support in regions and branch offices;
•Cooperation with suppliers of equipment and software (dealers and system integrators),
•Concluding contracts of delivery and supply, warranty contracts, service contracts and supervising their execution.
•Substantiation and composing budget for IT department, supervising it’s execution and observance;
•Substantiation and composing estimate budget for upgrade of hardware, software and equipment;
•Planning and organizing projects in ERP development and upgrade; controlling and supervising;
•Creating the Information-methodical Section of IT department for implementation, develop and support software, end-user support;
•Organizing information-methodical and technical suppport of ERP users;
•Organizing inventory registration and stock-taking of assets of IT department and end-users; drawing up regular inventory of assets (equipment, hardware, software, licences);
•Software licensing and legalization;
•Information security projects;

Management accounts and basics of financial management:
•Organizing of management accounts in the company;
•Collect, record and analyze financial information to calculate the economic performance of the company;
•Preparation of monthly consolidated financial statements on the economic performance of the company;
•Cost accounting and control;
•Monitoring financial balance with the contractors, accounts payable and receivable for non-commercial operations;
•Inspection and approval of monthly financial reports of sales departments;

Controlling and auditing procedures:
•Formulating the problem and creating Corporate Control and Audit Group, managing the group;
•Organizing and conducting inventory in retail and warehousing;
•Control over the processing of inventory results and summarizing inventory.

Human resources management:
• Formulating the problem and establishing the HR department of the company;
• Organizing personnel records;
• Recruitment;
• Justifying the need for and creating the concept of Corporate Training Center;
• Creating a work plan, opening and further developing Corporate Training Center;
• Control of the training center;


the Kiev Polytechnical Institute

Faculty: radio-technical. Qualification: engineer-designer-technologist of radio electronic devices. , Kiev
Вища, з 09.1976 по 05.1982 (5 років 8 місяців)

Graduated from the Kiev Polytechnical Institute in 1982 with honours (honored diploma).

Supplementary education:
1985 – management development for top-managers of the Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry of the USSR. Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg) city, scientific-research institute of the shipbuilding industry;
2003 – educational course “Strategy and Leadership”. The International Institute of Business, Kiev, Ukraine.
2007 – educational course of Information Security: «ISO 27001-2005 – introduction, implementation, audit.” Obtained the Certificate of BSI.

Знання мов

Англійська — середній

Додаткова інформація

• Have experience in managing teams of up to 300 specialists;
• have the certificate in Information Security given by BSI;
• possess the basics of ITIL;
• occupied in the field of business management since 1984. (at the public (governmental) company: manager of production division, deputy workshop manager, chief workshop manager; at a commercial enterprises: deputy chief engineer, deputy director, executive director-IT director);
• know the fundamentals and requirements for occupational health and safety at work, requirements for fire-prevention;
• experienced in operating systems: Linux; Mac OS; Windows.
• English - intermediate (for a while worked as interpreter: simultaneously and in writing);
• experienced in negotiations;
• experienced and skills in consolidating of working teams;
• extensive management experience and excellent organizational skills;
• dominant personality traits: responsibility, accuracy, integrity, openness and friendliness.

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