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Кузнецов Илья

IT Project, Product manager

Полная занятость, неполная занятость, удаленная работа.

Дата рождения:
7 октября 1991 (26 лет)
Готов переехать в:
Днепр, Одесса, Харьков

Контактная информация

Соискатель указал телефон и эл. почту.

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Опыт работы

Product Owner

с 06.2016 по наст. время (1 год 11 месяца)
EZLO SmartHome (Comodo), Харьков (IoT, IT.)

Work on products in IoT (Internet of Things) area. Hardware (HW), Software (SW), Firmware(FW) development projects, which contained, HW development or OEM choosing, mobile apps, web, and FW part. Actively participated in scrum establishment process.
Common set:
- Created road map in accordance with PO lead vision and requirements
- Requirements delivery in User Stories format (with or without mockups)
- Market research
- Comparing competitors
- Minimal marketable product requirements creation
- Expectations management
- Team motivation
- Mentoring junior managers
- System integrations support
- User Acceptance testing
- Product architecture (initial) concept
Additional set:
- Introduced the concept of “Business Value”
- Worked as Scrum-master, Product Manager (some time)
- Trained new scrum masters
- Managing outsource, outstaff teams
- Interviewing candidates for development, management positions

Mykola Tryhuba (Development manager | Scrum master):
“I'd say that it was very comfortable to work with Ilya on one project. He have good understanding of project life-cycle, adequately takes decisions, team player as it meant to be. I had no any difficulties while working with and I'll be glad to work together with Ilya in future!
Best regards, Nikolay.”

Tech environment:
java, c++, c, Js, websockets, VSaaS, Z-wave, BLE, beacons.

Project manager \ Scrum master

с 03.2014 по 09.2015 (1 год 6 месяца)
IKIntegrity, enterpreneur, Днепропетровск (IT)

Full-stack management (business development — payment control)

- Worked with USA, AU, UK, EU customers.
- Used SMART objectives
- Requirements management (to keep Quality\Features\Terms\Coasts in balance)
- Stakeholders management
- Human resources management
- Communications
- Risk management
- Delivery management
- Finances

Managed the development of integrations for magento high loaded e-commerce projects, Web projects in service, digital production area.
Deep participation in the basic UI\UX design development for wikispective.com with planning of the further implementations and features.

Main tech environment:
PHP, Python, Js, Magento, Wordpress.

Business Process Analyst, PM

с 05.2013 по 02.2014 (9 месяца)
1C-Rarus, Днепропетровск, Днепропетровск (Implementations of 1С PP,)

Executing integration of custom ERP system for management and accounting of huge enterprise with 17 branch offices + 2 factories in Ukraine and 3 external (from Ukraine) branch offices.

What expected:
Move from several separate systems to one custom, self-developed (by customer) ERP system for the consolidation of the data for high level management department.

What had been done while the project:
Started with analysis of the established sales & shipment processes (and the systems which have been using), continued with testing of the customer’s system to be accorded to the process requirements, rework of the new system with fixing issues, resolving impediments for integration and teaching the end users to work with the new system.
Internal BPs Optimization.

BP notations: Idef0, EPC, Cross-functional flowcharts
Tools: MS visio + business studio 5, papers:)

Project\product manager

с 03.2012 по 11.2013 (1 год 8 месяца)
Product owner, Днепропетровск (IT, Web.)

This position is an extension of my work at Forforce company.
Customer asked me to continue project management of one of his projects which I've started to manage at Forforce, digital production agency.

About whole project works:
- Preparation of the Initial documentation
- Initial wireframes preparing
- Rough Estimation
- Project planning according to resources and works types
- Communications management
- Team meetings conducting
- Monitoring the project from prototype to the delivery stage
- Providing UI\UX and technical solutions
- Presentations
- Initiation of the closed beta-testing
- Receiving and processing feedback from core audience
- Reporting

That was interesting to work on concept which had no direct competitors on the market.

Main tech environment:
PHP, Js, live-street, proprietary frameworks.

Project manager

с 02.2012 по 02.2013 (1 год)
Forforce, Днепропетровск (Web-production, Development.)

Worked on two projects high loaded marketplace and a social project (which'd been reworked from scratch). Both project owned by one customer.

- Requirements analysis
- Details clarification
- Scope estimation with team
- Delivery control | Project monitoring
- Team management
- Negotiations with a third parties
- Outstaff management
- Collaboration with stakeholders from customer side
- Project maintenance
- Integrations supporting
- Concern resolution
- Reporting

Main achieved goals are the affiliate program for the marketplace, integration with payment, logistic systems for the marketplace and totally reworked social project.
Main tech environment:
PHP, Js, leve-street, proprietary frameworks.



ИЗДО, Днепропетровск

Неоконченное высшее, с 09.2007 по 08.2012 (4 года 11 месяца)

Дополнительное образование

  • basic С++ programming (6мес)
  • PhotoShop (2-2.5 мес)
  • System administration. (4 мес)
  • Basic java programming (2015, 3 мес)

Профессиональные навыки

  • Навыки работы с компьютером
    Admin level.

    Advanced user, admin. GOD MODE if it necessary.
    Remote installation of an operating system
    Remote repairing of everything: computers and its parts, laptops, mobile phones, iPhones, smartphones, heaters, coffee machines, irons, installation and downloading of the internet (to a flash drive), etc.

Знание языков

  • Русский — эксперт
  • Украинский — эксперт
  • Английский — эксперт


Alexandr Viniychuk
CEO, Youshido, +1 917-294-2868

Дополнительная информация

One more recomendation:

Stas Cherednichenko, Developer at project under NDA, skype: capitan-fylfot
“I worked with Ilya not so much time – 6 months, but can say with all responsibility, he is the best Project Manager I've ever worked with. Work processes literally became simpler and transparent, since Ilya joined to our team.
Beginning from customer interaction & mockups creation, continuing with process development and explanation to all, and ending with resolution of various impediments & conflicts, all of that is Ilya’s merit. That was unfuckingbelievable great to work together. I appreciate this contact & experience I got working with Ilya.
Hope to collaborate in future projects.
Regards, Stas Cherednichenko.”

Additional information

Initiatives through all companies:
Internal workshops
Friday discussion meetings (ability to share pain for everyone regardless to the position, propose or request for a solution)
I like to get and share thoughts and expertise. Use meetups (Dnipro PM Club), workshops as a listener and as speaker.

Personal specifications:
Strategic thinking, strong analytical and concerns resolution skills.
I’m huge fan of Ayn Rand (“Atlas Shrugged”), Tom de Marko (“Deadline”), Peter Thiel (“Zero to One”). That three books can characterize me from life philosophy, through Project management vision to Product vision.
Long story short — I believe in common sense, and try to get deep understanding in everything I do, Product will do, Project should solve. When I work with customers – I don’t let requirements to be developed before analysis of the problem which should be covered by the requirements etc.

Terrible things for me:
- To work with undefined or unclear requirement for my position, and having only responsibilities without rights or tools.
- To work with requirements like “develop some product somehow” without specifying budgets, adequate time the end points and strategic vision.
I prefer to work with passion on products, which could become great.

Irrelevant info:
Fully disassembling of a laptop or an iPhone in an hour.
Regards, Ilya.

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