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Досвід роботи

Chief Legal Counsel. Attorney

з 09.2016 по 04.2020 (3 роки 7 місяців)
Immer Ukrplastic, Київ (manufacturing of flexible packaging)

Main activities and responsibilities:
1)Litigation: drafting procedural documents (court claims with the court and other applications on the merits, appeals etc.) and participation in court hearings within the following proceedings:
a) administrative proceedings: on quashal of tax decisions-notification of the Office of Large Taxpayers of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine: on value added tax credit reduction – successful protection of the company’s interests in the amount more than of UAH 550,000.00, on violation of terms of registration of VAT invoices; on appliance of responsive measures on fire safety (under the claim of the territorial body of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine).
b) commercial proceedings:
- collection of debtor indebtedness (sail of goods): successful protection of the interests in the cases on court claims against contractors on collection of debts and damages, incl. under the claims in the amount more than UAH 1,1 mio;
- successful protection of the company’s interests in the cases on debt and damages collection under the contractors’ court claims in the amount more than of UAH 280,000.00 (international carriages);
- protection of the company’s interests in cases under the banks’ claims under credit contracts;
- court claims against contractors on reclamation of property from unlawful possession;
- claims on recognition the contract invalid.
c) civil proceedings: successful protection of the interests as to the claims on collection of lease payments.
d) arbitration proceedings: drafting court claims with the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian CCI on collection of debts and damages for unpaid goods.
2)Claim settlement: drafting claims against contractors for unpaid goods (incl. ones in English language), collection of the damage caused to the goods during transportation; replies to the incoming claims (incl. ones in English language).
3)Contractual work on the side of the residents of Ukraine, Latvia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Russian Federation: analysing, commenting, agreeing, drafting (including in English language with foreign contractors from USA, EU, China, Japan, Singapore) and negotiating with contractors (meeting, skype-conferences etc.) the contracts on sales and delivery (both outgoing for sale of packaging and incoming for delivery of raw material, replacement parts, software, gas, energy etc.), services (both including outgoing contracts for prototype and file design and different incoming contracts), works, banking contracts, novation agreements etc.
4)Customs procedures: appealing against the decisions of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.
5)Corporate issues: drafting protocols of Meetings of Participants.
6)Government relations: appealing against the decision of the private notary before the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and representation of the enterprise at the meeting of the Office of countermeasures against the corporate raiding.

Senior Associate

з 09.2014 по 09.2016 (2 роки)
YLC Law Firm, Kyiv (Legal services)

Main activities and responsibilities:
1)Litigation: successful litigation of cases within all stages of legal proceedings, namely drafting and lodging court claims, appeals and cassation appeals and other procedural documents, participation in court hearings in general jurisdiction courts (general and special ones) of the first, appeal and cassation instances, legal support of enforcement proceedings of court decisions.
•Administrative courts:
-tax law (cancelling decision notices of tax bodies on payment of the tax liabilities on value added tax and income tax, and on impositions of penalties, including those which were issued in the amounts of more than UAH 4,000,000.00, or the equivalent of more than USD 265,000.00 as of the date of case consideration);
-subsurface use (as to prolongation of special authorization);
-land law (disputes over land allocation);
-stock exchange law (protection of interests of exchanges in cases on debt collection in favour of the state budget);
-real estate law (invalidation of decisions of registration service on refusal to conduct state registration of rights and burdens, and obligation to take actions).
•Commercial courts:
-contractual relationship in the sector of underground resources - oil and gas (successful protection of rights and interests of clients, including those in the amounts of more than UAH 375,000.00, or the equivalent of USD 16,500.00 as of the date of case consideration); protection of interests of exchanges as to organization of stock tenders on sale of oil and gas; appeals against actions of state bailiffs within economic proceedings.
•General courts:
-invalidation and quashing of resolutions of Ministry of Inland Revenue in cases on administrative offence as to officials of legal persons-clients;
-on debt collection under credit contract.
•Enforcement proceedings: legal support of enforcement proceedings from issuance of enforcement document till full enforcement of decision of monetary and binding nature.
2)Contractual work: drafting and analyzing of the contracts/agreements for clients, and also additional agreements thereto (including bi-lingual in English and Ukrainian languages), such as the following: sale and purchase of oil; sale and delivery of oil gas; on provision of different services and works (for example, on oil processing, conducting geology consultation, monitoring of a reservoir exploitation and borehole surveying, execution of geological and exploitation reporting, transport and forwarding, repair and maintenance of computer and office equipment, legal, security services etc.);.
3)Claim settlement: Drafting claims for unpaid products (oil, gas, coal), letters to contractors etc.
4)Government relations: support of audits of regulatory authorities; mailing with the state bodies.
5)Corporative issues: Drafting protocols of Meetings of Participants as to different range of issues, drafting administrative orders.

Legal Counsel

з 07.2013 по 09.2014 (1 рік 2 місяці)
E. H. Harms Automobile Logistics Ukraine LLC / BLG ViDi Logistics LLC, Vyshneve (Transport / logistics services)

Main activities and responsibilities:
1)Contractual work: drafting and analysis of the following contracts with clients, subcontractors and other contractors, working out model contracts (including bi-lingual with foreign ones), holding negotiations with contractors as to agreeing drafts of agreements (including negotiations in English): on provision of services, i.e. complex logistic, customs-brokerage, transport, carriage, expedition, pre-sale preparation; repair and maintenance; for performance of works; commission; assignment; lease and sub-lease; loan; maintenance of software products, informational support; establishment of superficies (using of land plots for building); servitude; communal and related to them; sales, consignment of goods for sale from the consignee's warehouse, delivery of goods; banking (account, deposit etc.); insurance of property, transport operator; labour contracts etc.
2)Commercial Litigation: drafting and lodging claims on recovery of damage, participation in hearings; control over execution of enforcement documents.
3)Tax Law: successful participation in appealing against tax decisions-notifications on reduction in size of the VAT negative value at all the levels of the tax service (Chief Administration of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties in Kyiv Region, Ministry of Revenue and Duties) in the amounts up to UAH 4,2 mio.
4)Corporative issues: drafting protocols of General Meeting of the Enterprises' Participants, protocols of Revision Commission etc., including in English language.
5)Claim settlement: drafting claims on compensation of losses (claims against sub-contractors, claims for road traffic accidents etc.) and responses to incoming claims (refusal to satisfy a claim), including responses to the claims received from the foreign companies drafted in English language.
6)Other work with state bodies: Supporting the process of auditing by state bodies (checking of auditors' authorities, submission of documents as the Enterprises on demand of auditors); receipt of trade patent; legal support of obtaining EORI No. in custom authority (Poland); drafting requests in English to the customs services, road and transport services (Czech Republic); participation in consideration by local transport inspection of cases concerning transport legislation violation.
7)Consulting of the English-speaking director of the enterprise, mailing with foreign participant of the Enterprises in English.
8)Passing audit under the international standards (MCA), namely submission of the documents requested as to the Enterprise as to the corporative structures of the Enterprises, work with contracts etc.


з 11.2012 по 06.2013 (7 місяців)
ACTIO Law Firm, Kyiv (Legal services)

1) Incorporation and maintenance of companies in the international jurisdictions:
- mailing on different working issues as to non-resident companies (in English);
- incorporation and legal support services of non-resident companies;
- participation in devising schemes of cooperation of offshore companies and companies from low-tax jurisdictions, and schemes of tax optimization using non-resident companies;
- mailing/taking part in negotiations with business partners as to work with non-resident companies in English language; oral and written consulting of clients as to work with non-resident companies on the issues of their incorporation and organization of their cooperation (selection of jurisdiction, organizational form of non-resident company, tax rates, level of security of a beneficial owner and other issues registration of the bank accounts for non-resident companies etc.);
- supporting registration of bank accounts in different countries and consulting clients on this issue;
- analyzing and preparation of English-language documents, necessary for incorporation of non-resident companies (agreements, powers of attorney etc.)
2) Contractual work:
- drafting international contracts in English (for example, contracts for provision of services, contracts for delivery of goods/equipment);
- drafting contracts in Ukrainian
3) Drafting minutes of meeting, articles of association (for example, for construction companies).
4) Taking part in legal proceedings on the following directions:
- Administrative Law (appealing against decision notices of tax administration);
- Family Law (divorce, division of property);
- Housing Law (removal of obstacles in use of housing);
- Commercial Litigation (appealing against judgments on recovery of damages, caused by breach of economic obligations).
5) Drafting legal opinions, business proposals and explanations on demand of clients, and also English language documents, for example bilateral memorandums on absence of the loan liabilities etc.
6) Drafting and lodging applications to the European Court of Human Rights.
7) Drafting internal memorandums, memorials, summaries of information, questionnaires etc. for the direction of company.
8) Working with the state bodies: replying the requests (for example, in the sphere of subsurface use);
9) Translation of different tasks, set by directorship and related to terms of law or other subject matters.

Leading specialist of the division of representation of the State in civil cases

з 05.2006 по 11.2012 (6 років 6 місяців)
Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Office of theGovernment Agent before European Court of Human rights, (representing of the state before the European Court of Human Rights)

1) working out the observations of the Government in the cases pending before the European Court of Human Rights. The cases concern civil, administrative and economic process, family and housing law, media law, social security law and enforcement of the national court judgements;
2) drafting projecting law;
3) translating the observations of the Government from Ukrainian into English;
4) editing translations of colleagues in the division.
5) consulting the individuals and organizations regarding applying with the European Court of Human Rights (both at the consultations and in writing);
6) drafting internal notes and memorandums.


Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade

International Law, Kyiv
Вища, з 09.2000 по 07.2005 (4 роки 10 місяців)

Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade at the present time also known as Ukrainian State University of Finance and International Trade.

Додаткова освіта

  • The University of New South Wales (Australia). International Franchise Law: the World is Yours (online course). (2016, 1 month)
  • Universiteit Leiden (the Netherlands). Rethinking International Tax Law (online course). (2016, 1 month)
  • Universiteit Leiden (the Netherlands). International Law in Action: the Arbitration of International Disputes (2019, 1 month)
  • Lund University (Sweden); certificate with honor of the online course "European Business Law: Doing Business in Europe". (2020, 1 month)

Професійні та інші навички

Навички роботи з комп’ютером
"LIGA-zakon" system, E-docs rescords system, HUDOC system (European Court of Human Rights).

Знання мов

  • Англійська — просунутий
  • Німецька — початковий
  • Іспанська — початковий

Додаткова інформація

Social skills:
- team spirit;
- hard worker;
- responsible;
- stress-resistant

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