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Кондратенко Алексей

Программист Ruby on Rails

Полная занятость.

Дата рождения:
20 июня 1985 (33 года)

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Опыт работы

Ruby (Ruby on Rails) developer

с 01.2015 по 09.2017 (2 года 8 месяцев)
Smile Expo, Киев (Marketing, Advertising, Designer, Event and PR Agencies)

Ruby on Rails
* Developing JSON API with message authentication (HMAC-SHA1)
* Refactoring
* App Optimization
* Searching for and fixing bugs in code of third-party developers
* Analyzing and fixing bottleneck in code
* Optimizing DB requests

* Creating plugins
* Performance improving
* Gems adaptation

Vagrant - basic knowledge, used for developing

Sidekiq - basic knowledge.
* Relationship between app and asterisk server.
* Selecting actions in background process


Ruby (Ruby on Rails) developer

с 09.2013 по 01.2015 (1 год 4 месяца)
Freelancer, Луганск (IT - разработка ПО)

Ruby - two years (https://github.com/AlexeyAlexey?tab=repositories). Programs "realt"​, "KMLSite_HerokuII"​ (http://gentle-hollows-7316.herokuapp.com/), "realt_III"​ (https://github.com/AlexeyAlexey?tab=repositories) deployed in Heroku (heroku.com)

Ruby on Rails - two years.

* "Depot"​ (github.com/AlexeyAlexey/depot). "Heroku"​ deployed on Heroku (heroku.com) (http://calm-garden-3143.herokuapp.com/).

* Launching instance “Ubuntu”, set up web-server “Apache”, organize access through HTTPS, configure Apache for work with Ruby on Rails. Web-server used for work with DB through HTTPS, permission had only owner key (https://github.com/AlexeyAlexey/sitewithssh). DB turn on through VPN that can be turn on through web-server (https://github.com/AlexeyAlexey/runCmd). Setting up owner internal center certification.

Git - basic knowledges. Created remote git repositories (Amazon) . For connect with git-server used HTTP, connected WebDAV module. Git repositories without web-visualization.

MySQL – constructor database was developed . Created tables, wrote functions and procedures saved in the server database to organize access to the tables (insert, select etc.).


с 08.2008 по 10.2012 (4 года 2 месяца)
Pervomajskij Electromechanical Plant named by C. Marx, Луганск (Машиностроение)

Work with draft, make 3D models, calculation aerodynamic resistance of ventilation motor tract, evaluation the optimum fin of molded frame, draw the details of electric motor.


с 03.2007 по 07.2007 (4 месяца)
ЗАО «Луганский патронный завод», Луганск (Машиностроение)

The program for the machining of rotary lines was writing for Swiss equipment under the contract with CJSC «Lugansk Cartridge Plant».



East Ukrainian National University named by Vladimir Dal

«Institute of Postgraduate and Distance Education», «Computer Systems, automation and control/ Flexible computerized systems and robotics», Луганск

Высшее, с 09.2009 по 01.2012 (2 года 4 месяца)

Got a specialist in degree speciality «Computer
Systems, automation and control/ Flexible computerized systems and robotics», with qualification:
Computer Systems Engineer.

East Ukrainian National University named by Vladimir Dal

«Hydraulic Gas Dynamics», Луганск

Высшее, с 09.2007 по 06.2008 (9 месяцев)

East Ukrainian National University named by Vladimir Dal, got higher education in specialty «Hydraulic Gas Dynamics» and got qualification Master’s degree of Hydraulic Gas Dynamics, scientist.

East Ukrainian National University named by Vladimir Dal

«Hydraulic Gas Dynamics», Луганск

Высшее, с 09.2003 по 07.2007 (3 года 10 месяцев)

East Ukrainian National University named by Vladimir Dal, got base
education in direction «Mechanics» and got qualification bachelor’s of mechanics

Знание языков

  • Английский — средний

Дополнительная информация

Ruby on Rail
New technologies
Improve skills
Study better ways of developing software

In Free Time
* https://github.com/AlexeyAlexey/sidekiq_redmine_mailer.
* https://github.com/AlexeyAlexey/spam_stream_resistance

Elixir (OTP)
* https://github.com/AlexeyAlexey/redis_queue_reader
* https://github.com/AlexeyAlexey/redis_queue_reader_parser
* https://github.com/AlexeyAlexey/redis_queue_parser

* web socket

Personal Profile

A reliable, punctual and responsible person, good attitude, like to learn something new


• English • Swimming
• Diving • Horse-riding
• Sport • History


• 2005 – participated the East Ukrainian National University in research conference. Section: the
Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. Report on the topic “The action of a given strength of
the sensitive weight of accelerometer” scientific adviser: master teacher Orlov A..

• Was awarded a diploma for the 3rd place in the II - Ukrainian contest of Students’ Scientific works in
the direction: "Hydraulic machines and hydro pneumatic aggregates" held in Sumy State University.


C, C++ – basic knowledges, used only for university projects.

Delphi – was used for development of the three-level database architecture named “Constructor database” (database, server of applications, client application).

AutoLisp – was used for runner impeller with solution and their visualization in the AutoCAD.

MATLAB –nonlinear mathematical model solution of air mechanics process of pneumatic inverter with the numerical method. Solution the numerical method of mathematical model of increase of pressure water-filled submersible motor at the expense of heating.

AutoCAD – used for writing the program for the machining of rotary lines for the Swiss equipment.

KOMPAS3D – was use to make a draw, 3D modeling, draw details of the electric motor.

MathCAD – calculation to assess the aerodynamic resistance of ventilation motor Explosion-proof tract with the U-shaped pipes, definition of heat-transfer coefficient, evaluation of optimal fin molded frame motor, definition of heat-transfer coefficient.

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