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Linux System Administrator, 25 000 грн/мес.

Полная занятость, удаленная работа.


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Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

GNU/Linux System Administrator
My main technical experience is supporting GNU/Linux dedicated servers.
Ideally I would like to work within team where I would be able to further increase my technical
GNU/Linux System Administration knowledge and abilities, and be given the opportunity to be
involved in the growth of the company. I do have gaps in my technical knowledge, but am more
than capable of learning new tools and methodologies.
Current technical learning focus: Python, deeper understanding Docker.

Technical skill-set and exposure:
1.Operating Systems
Primary use: GNU/Linux (Debian, CentOS)
Exposure to: GNU/Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, IPFire), FreeBSD

2. Server Virtulization
Primary use: LXC, Docker
Exposure to: Vagrant

3. Programming Languages
Primary use: shell script(bash, awk,sed), HTML, CSS, Python.
Exposure to: Perl, Ruby, Racket.

4. Databases
Primary use: MySQL.
Exposure to: FireBird,PostgreSQL

Other specific software used
Primary use: apache, nginx, snmpd, Bacula, WordPress, Google Analytics, vim, mutt, git, NFS, iptables, postfix, courier, LaTeX.

Industry Experience
September 2014 — current. Unnamed Employer. Network
operation center engineer.
• Manage VOIP-stack on Asterisk, FreeSwitch.
• Maintaining servers and terminal equipment on Linux.
• Costumer support.
• Scripts writing for local purposes.

April 2010 — September 2014. «Trans-Invest» LLC. System
• Maintain server in Debian, including such sevices as samba,squid, postfix+courier, iptables.
• Build and maintaing LAMP-stack for local office purposes(task tracker, Roundcube).
• Build and manage remote access solutions based on Openvpn.
• Design IPSec solution to upload videos to remote networks with low bandwidth(32-96kb).
• Develop scripts for work with DB, including automated process of cleaning, inserting data
and compliting report by client to managers.

May 2008 — Novebmer 2009. «Wheel of life» LLC. System
• Maintaining servers on Debian-based distros(Ubuntu,Debian), including such services as
samba, squid, postfix, iptables.
• Web site support and development.
• Design and implement backup system on Bacula.
• Office network support.
• Desktop support within office.

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