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Радишевский Виктор

Top manager

Полная занятость.

Дата рождения:
13 февраля 1979 (39 лет)

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Victor Radishevskiy
Victor Radishevskiy, born February 13, 1979; ukrainian, high education. Married, have two children.
• from 1996 till 2001Studying at the University of Tourism (tourist management faculty, specialization – organization of national and international tourism).

Stationary form of studying was combined with working:

•01.12.1995 – 01.09.96Consultant in fields of developing of tourism in “Santanna” company, (obligations: reception and maintenance of foreign partners of the company).

•01.12.1997 – 15.05.1999Occupying a post of the consultant in fields of developing of tourism in “Santanna” company again, (obligations: reception and maintenance of foreign partners of the company).

•1997– 1998Member of the Committee of organization in fields of holding of international tourist exhibitions and salons in Kiev.

•17.05.1999 – 09.10.1999Organizer in fields of reception and maintenance of american tourists at the “Nikolay Karamzin” cruise ship (port of registry – Moscow). At the route Moscow – Saint Petersburg, working under the contract with USA «Grand Circle Travel» cruise company.

•01.12.1999 – 31.05.2000Leading expert of ‘Avtoritet’ security service.

•June, 2000 Practical training (institute’s direction) in “Ruada” tourist company.

•02.02.2001 – 30.03.2001Pre-degree practical training in “Lisa-travel” tourist company; defending of diploma work on theme “Politic of pricing in tourist business”.

• 25.07.2001 – 01.10.2002 Director’s assistant in “Interservis” company, “Astron – Ukraine” corporation, where certain managerial and administrative experience was acquired.

•15.09.2001 – 19.09.2003 Studying at the Master’s degree in National Economical University of Kiev, specialization – management of entrepreneurship. Defending of magistrate diploma work on theme “Priority directions of development of the foreign trade activity of company”

•03.02.2003 – 23.05.2003Manager of marketing and advertising of branch office of “Merkuriy” bank in Kiev.

•26.05.2003 – 21.04.2004Head of department of personal and medical insurance of “IG “TAS” company’s regional direction of Kiev.

•22.04.2004 – 03.01.2005Head of joint project of “IG “TAS” company and UkrainianAllianceTour in main office of “IG “TAS” company.

•01.04.2005 – 05.09.2007 Head of department of insurance of travelers and personal insurance in main office of “IG “TAS” company. Head of “Regions” project.

•01.12. 2005 – 05.09.2007 Head of “Regions” project, while working as crisis-manager in fields of the project, worked as director of branches in Poltava, Nikolaev, Chernigov, Chernovtsi, Hmelnitski, Sumy, Ternopol. There is experience in opening of new braches.
Main obligations – operational control of the structure, developing of the agent’s network in region, increasing of selling of insurance’s service, developing and implementation of business processes, settlement of insurance incidents, interviewing with potential employers, strategic planning of developing of branch, planning of financial indicators, drafting of the budget of branch.

•05.09. 2007 – 10.12. 2007Head of the Department in field of developing of insurance in the main office of “Ukrainian fire-insurance company”

•07.12. 2007 – nowadaysDirector of The Third Regional Department in “Ukrainian fire-insurance company” (separate balance branch).
In two years this branch was one of the 15 best branches of the company (among 80 other).

•11.12.2007 – 14.02.2008Deputy of chairman of controlling in “Ukrainian fire-insurance company – Life”

•15.02.2007 – nowadaysChairman of controlling in “Ukrainian fire-insurance company – Life”

Extra studying – seminars-trainings on themes: “Controlling of projects”, “No-Training. Working with client’s objections”, “Leadership in the century of gustiness”, team building seminars and so on.

Speak English language fluently, Ukrainian and Russian – native languages. Personal Computer – advanced user (WORLD, EXCEL, INTERNET, OUTLOOK EXPRESS, LOTUS). Driving license of the “В” category (driving experience from 1995), personal car, have international passport.

Hobbies: reading of economic literature, working on PC, driving, traveling.

Positive traits of character: honest, responsibility, complaisance, discipline, easy to be taught, always improve knowledge and skills, energetic, argumentatively defend my opinion, able to make decisions myself, and the main thing that I have suitable desire and skills to work in team, and to be the leader for achieving main purposes.

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