Резюме от 10 марта 2018

Родес Анна

Переводчик в брачное агентство

Удаленная работа.

57 лет

Контактная информация

Соискатель указал телефон и эл. почту.

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Дополнительная информация

Date of Birth
Family Status
Realize my knowledge, experience and creative intelligence.

Owner Manager Hairdressing Salon Kiev.2002 – 2011
All aspects of running a private business.
Employing 8 people.
Hairdressing, beauty and nails.
Common Bridge Ltd1997-2001
Executive director.
Salfun-A LTD1996-1997
Head of transport division
Press-service of Defense Ministry of Ukraine 1995-1996
Leading Specialist
The tenth rank of employee
The Drama Theatre of Armed Forces of Defense Ministry of Ukraine1995
Chief administrator
Joint-stock company “Interbank security service SKIF” 1994-1995
Senior advisor of economic-legal analysis and forecasting division
Insurance company “SKIF LTD”1993-1994
Zaporizhzhya regional fish wholesale and retail trade association ”Zaporizrya”1985-1986
Equipment Engineer
Zaporizhzhya secondary school N˚ [открыть контакты](см. выше в блоке «контактная информация»)
Physics laboratory assistant
Zaporizhzhya transformer plant 1984
Implementation of automated control system division 1978-1979
Computer operator.
Zaporizhzhya Industrial Institute1979-1986
Profession: Industrial Heat-and-Power Engineering
Kyiv Ukrainian Study University1995-1997
Profession: History of Ukrainian Culture and aesthetics
I have wide experience during maintaining executive positions.
I am able to organize functioning of the collective, take sound and weighted decisions and manage the process of production.
Ukrainian, and Russian Languages are native,
I can read write and speak English to ESOL level 1 and 2
German with a dictionary
PC Knowledge
Knowledge of Microsoft & Apple operating systems and applications.
Additional Information
I am steady, communicative and hard working.
I am also an enterprising leader, a purposeful and tactful person.
I have managerial abilities and a determined character I am able to work in stress situations.

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