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Panchenko Anton Olegovich

C++ Developer, 50 000 грн

Полная занятость, неполная занятость, удаленная работа.

41 год

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Anton Panchenko
C++ Developer
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see My test work (C++ and Qt 5)
This version has true AI!

Autumn 2002 – Summer 2003
C++ Developer
Porting Applications from Classic MacOS (9) to MacOS X. Using Carbon framework.
Autumn 2003 – Spring 2004
CSharp, C++ Developer
Developing and supporting (fixing bugs and so on) huge .Net + database applications used for enterprise management purposes. Using .NET, Microsoft SQL Server
Summer 2004 – winter 2005
C++ Developer
Developed a GUI for application that performed a system backup and restore. Win32 API, Visual Studio 6, DDK
Autumn 2005 – Spring 2006
Net Invest
C++ Developer
Developing application that verified emails – Tried to find host, establish connection to port where mail server must listen and start sending sequence (Hello, send header, quit). Using Win32 API, sockets, VCL (C++ Builder) for user interface
Winter 2007 – summer 2008
C Developer
Developed a kernel mode driver that installed its own objects above kernel mode socket objects (file objects)(that objects can be stacked by design) and redirected outgoing traffic through proxy server (socks or HTTP proxy). Using DDK, Visual Studio 6
Autumn 2008 – summer 2009
C++ Developer
Supporting (fixing bugs in) a huge server application for linux that sold music and video. POSIX API, sockets, gcc, gdb, VMWARE for running linux in virtual machine on Windows
August 2013 - October 2013
Global Logic
C++ Developer
Fixing Bugs in video edition application. Visual Studio 7, Windows API

C, C++ - experience 11 years
CSharp, - experience 1 year.
Object Pascal – experience 0.5 year
HTML+Javascript – not sure, first met it long time ago, over 11 years ago, however used it not too frequently,
Assembler Intel 32 - same as above, probably half of a year of active writing (not at work), then every now and then met it when debugging.
SQL - half a year.
Visual Studio 6, 7 – 10 years.
Delphi – 1 year
C++Builder – 1 year
Soft ICE – half a year, when developing for Windows kernel mode,
GNU Developer tools (gcc, gdb) – hale a year, see “Afortio” above, also on SMK in 2003-4 on Mac.
Borland Turbo Assembler – not at work, 0.5 year.
MS SQL, MySQL – probably half a year, on Afortio and at home for self - educational reasons.
Win32 API – 11 years,
Windows kernel mode API - half a year.
Carbon (MacOS) – half a year.
.NET – almost a year, on PDS 2003-2004 years,
VCL (Delphi, C++Builder) – probably a year at home before any jobs, a little bit on Net Invest developing GUI part of those Email verifier.
Core part I developed there too, but in visual studio 7 on C++ using sockets and Windows API and STL.

English (technical written OK reading MSDN, man pages – completely OK, spoken –a little bit less than OK)
Education – High, Engineer – geodesist, GIS, graduated in 2001, Kiev institute of Management and IT.
Also graduated from Kiev School of Foreign Languages in 1993, English.

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