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Бевзо Даниил Александрович

Economist-Analyst, 15 000 грн

Полная занятость.

Дата рождения:
9 ноября 1987 (30 лет)

Контактная информация

Соискатель указал телефон и эл. почту.

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Опыт работы

Senior specialist

с 11.2015 по наст. время (2 года 5 месяцев)
JSC «PIRAEUS BANK ICB», Kyiv, www.piraeusbank.ua (Procurement Unit)

Provides effective support to the Procurement Unit focusing on achievement of the following results:
Support in maintaining proper filing system;
Support in archiving and documentation preparation;
Implementation of electronic storage system (e-archiving);
Organizational support in operations processes.

Market research activities: support in expanding vendor rosters and assisting in sourcing strategies development and implementation; other administrative support to Procurement Unit;
Following up the invoicing;
Validating invoices;
Producing aggregated reports on the regular basis;
Cooperating on the optimization of the organization and processes of procurement and general services, reviewing and evaluating existing procedures and making optimization proposals;
Support of corporate mobile phone services.
Validation of procurement contracts.

Senior economist of Loan administration

с 08.2013 по 10.2015 (2 года 2 месяца)

Kyiv, www.piraeusbank.ua/ua/_contacts.html
Senior economist
- Opening accounts required for servicing loans and
closure of these accounts with full repayment of loans;
- Accounting clearance of loans, overdrafts;
- The timely posting of collateral;
- Changes in interest rates on loans;
- Timely transfer of credit debt in arrears accounts and the accounts of extension in accordance with the applicable law;
- Formation of reserves for active operations of the bank for loans of legal entities;
- Formation of reserves for delinquent income of the bank on loans legal entities;
- Charges penalties in case of arrears on the loan agreement;
- Control of documents providing for the formation of reserves for active operations of the bank for loans of legal entities;
- Formation of ToRs for effective work in ABS B2 part of the credit operations of legal entities;
- The reports for the parent company of the credit operations of legal entities;
- The organization of work in mizhdepartamentoyi generating reports "loan portfolio", "forecast the formation of reserves for active operations of the bank for loans of legal entities' electronic database of credit cases, preparation of statistical reports for submission to the National Bank;
- Testing and development of new opportunities in ABS B2 in terms of working with forms and reports for the systems of display and service of credit transactions;
- Monitoring the performance of specific conditions defined by the Credit Committee of the bank's borrowers legal entities;
- Development, informational and training materials for effective staff in ABS B2 credit agreements;
- Monitoring compliance settings agreements in ABS B2 originals loan agreements, pledge agreements, surety, guarantee;
- Control of payments to independent customers in the loan repayment to the accounts of the 2nd class.

Leading economist, Department of Credit risks control

с 10.2011 по 05.2013 (1 год 7 месяцев)
Active-Bank, Kyiv (Bank)

Evaluation of the financial condition of retail and legal borrower’s, entities forming technical problems with bug fixes and additions of the system of calculating the integral index;
o Prediction of a possible allowance for non-standard bank debt;
o The calculation of provisions in ABS B2, checking compliance of the design regulations;
o Testing in ABS B2 of the correctness of the subsystems necessary to calculate the reserve;
o Preparation of TOR for improvement subsystems reserve calculation, monitoring their implementation in the system beta test (BTT) software developer "CS ltd.";
o Check the adequacy of the data brought into the ABS B2, to perform the calculation and provisioning, analysis of possible errors assumptions, changes to the procedure of forming reserve;
o Cooperation Organization Bank and First National Credit Bureau "FCBU";
o Formation and transfer of data to a single information system of the National Bank of Ukraine "Borrowers";
o Acting Secretary of the Credit Committee, preparing and holding meetings, protocol design decisions, conclusions analysis services for the formation of the Protocol;
o Analysis of adversely classified assets the bank relative to total assets for which the calculated reserve;
o Organization of cooperation with the bank rating agency, consolidate and processing information provided by other departments of the bank.

Specialist of the Loan administration department

с 09.2010 по 10.2011 (1 год 1 месяц)
Active-Bank, Kyiv (Bank)

o Formation of state inspection schedules of bank pledged property;
o Processing of information requests to the State Register of Encumbrances of movable property;
o Preparation and maintenance of credit agreements, mortgage agreements and collateral agreements, including provided under the "SMP" (state mortgage programe);
o Credit files administration;
o Administration of credit deals in automatic banking transactions system "B2";
o Preparation of monthly reports on service of loans under the program "SMP" (state mortgage programe), updating information on borrowers in the "Portal of State Mortgage Institution".


Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University

International Economics and Management department, Kyiv

Высшее, с 09.2005 по 07.2010 (4 года 10 месяцев)

Дополнительное образование

  • Harvard Business publishing eAcademy: Stepping Up to Management Course (Harvard Manage Mentor) Piraeusbank Bank group, Managemen (2013-2014, 6 month)

Дополнительная информация

I am punctual, reliable and able to work enthusiastically under pressure, either within a team or alone; a straightforward, positive and a fair person with a friendly disposition and a good sense of humour.
I am always aspire to contribute fully to every company I work for. I have a strong ethical outlook and am well-balanced and controlled. My aim is to find employment in an environment with high standards and productivity.

Ukrainian — Native
Russian — Native
English — Upper-Intermediate
German — Basic

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