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Кричевський Юрій

Manager of foreign economic relations and international business

Полная занятость.

Дата рождения:
30 апреля 1979 (38 лет)

Контактная информация

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Опыт работы

The manager of foreign relations and international cooperation

с 10.2012 по наст. время (4 года 8 месяцев)
International Medical Company, Lviv (International Medical Cooperation)

•Professional management, planning and coordinating the activities of department for international cooperation in field of health care.
•Promotion of our services on European market.
•Communication with customers and service users from abroad by phone, Skype, email or direct contacts.
•Developing the strategic partnership projects in B2B and B2C areas, analyzing potential partners and the attraction of new customers.
•Negotiation skills with Key&VIP partners.
•Coordinating of marketing activities, the preparation and participation in the events, fairs and business meetings with partners and customers abroad (Lisbon, Munich, Barcelona, Tel-Aviv, Warsaw, Alicante, Ljubljana etc) and also and in our clinic.
•Creation, publication of marketing material, texting for email newsletters and close cooperation with the medical department.
•The organization of delivery channels carried by airlines. Negotiations with airlines (LOT, Lufthansa, Turkish airlines etc) and airport services in the context of the provision of better transportation services.
•Customs clearance regarding import and export of our goods.
•Knowledge of the basic principles of the preparation and negotiation of agreements or commercial contracts.
•Understanding the business culture and ethics.

I have valid Schengen business visa.

The manager of international multimodal transport (by rail, sea and road)

с 09.2010 по 10.2012 (2 года 1 месяц)
Forwarding Company, Lviv (International trade, transport and logistics)

•The efforts to find new partners and adaptation of logistics chains in international traffic according to individual needs of each company, with flexibility and convenience of payment terms.
•Personal and group meetings with vendors and transporters from EU countries, conclusion of contracts and agreements relating to the export, import and transit of goods.
•Transportation of goods by truck and rail from suppliers located in Western Europe through the railway terminal stations Chop (UA), Sokolka and Malaszewicze (PL), Vilnius (LT). The organization works related to the handling and storage of goods at freight terminals.
•I have experience in shipping of containers from China to Ukraine via Odessa, Gdansk. Detailed knowledge of the use of Incoterms 2000 & Incoterms 2010 in the field of maritime container traffic, collaboration with NORASIA and MAERSK - the liner shipping companies, which operating container transport services; knowledge of procedures for international maritime shipping.
•Insurance of the goods with offering solid guarantees of proper supervision of transport without the presence of the beneficiary.

The executive manager

с 03.2008 по 09.2010 (2 года 6 месяцев)
The transport company with foreign investment, Lviv (International trucking)

Initiating formalities necessary for the establishment of a new transport company with foreign investments:
•Contacting and co-working with government agencies (taxation, traffic police, customs, international road transport supervision).
•Trucks import established as pledged assets (road tractor and semi-trailer).
•Dealings with lessors, banks, law firms, insurance and service companies, agreements with forwarding organizations.
•Accreditation and obtaining permits, approvals and other operating licenses.
•Employment of drivers of motor vehicles and support to the visa procedures.
•Fleet management and execution of transport orders - 30 SCANIA industrial vehicles (truck vehicles and semitrailers).
•Attracting new partners. Creating a positive image of the company as a reliable partner and advertising of our services in the Internet.
•Keeping the office running and management of logistics personnel.
Training in the main base in Germany. The preparation and joining of the company to the TIR Convention.


Lviv Polytechnic National University

Faculty of Engineering Logistics and Transportation, Львів

Высшее, с 09.1994 по 12.1999 (5 лет 3 месяца)

Профессиональные и другие навыки

  • Навыки работы с компьютером
    An experienced user of computer and office applications

Знание языков

  • Polish — эксперт
  • English — эксперт
  • German — эксперт
  • Spanish — средний

Дополнительная информация

The ability to incorporate as quickly as possible new knowledge and develop the necessary skills and competencies.

I have communication skills with the ability to find common language with people of different status, capacity to successfully negotiate, effective objection handling.

Driving license cat. B and C, experience over 18 years

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