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Project Manager

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Projects manager

с 01.2012 по наст. время (4 года 11 месяцев)
Producing drilling rig equipment for oil and gas industry.

Principal duties:
•Project coordination at all stages, beginning from concluding of the contract and till completion and commissioning, with possibility to manage several projects in one time.
•Organization of planning process for all departments, engaged in project: engineering development, production schedule, purchasing schedule, payment plant for suppliers, executive documentation on quality preparation plan, plan of the assembly and start up works.
•Project analysis based on the reports. Risks estimation and elaboration of measures on elimination/ reducing of their influence.
•Project budgets managing.
•Preparing of the own reports for Top Management about the dates, budgets conditions and compliance with the scope of payments concerning plans.
•Holding negotiations with the Customers about technical, financial and organizational issues.
•Making changes to the contracts for projects, its agreement, preparing and submitting for signature for Top Management.
•Developing recommendations and tracing of their implementation at the companies of partners, which have no production experience.
• Preparing the reports for customers.
•Organization of works on project efficiency analyze with closing meeting.
•Approval of the suppliers during procurement of the material, components, equipment and service, required for projects realization.
•Holding of the negotiations with the suppliers on issues of the costs decreasing and reducing of the materials delivery dates, if such negotiations are required.
Participation in analyzing of the defects reasons (nonconformity reports), with el elaboration of measures for prevention from new defects.

Additional skills:
•Project management experience at the international level and performed by several companies.
•During the period of work seven large projects with total cost up to the 30 000K were realized.
•Budget saving of the performed projects was average 3%.
•Several times executed duties of the Director of Operations.
•Acting Head of the handling department (service, operational personnel with production dispatchers and transport were reporting to me).
•Conducting identification, registration, evaluation and marketing of the illiquid assets from company stock in order to receive the additional funds;
•A member of standing commission, used to conduct audits on safety at company departments.
•Ability to organize work at new departments.

Director of operations

с 02.2011 по 11.2011 (9 месяцев)
«TeSys, Ltd», Киев (development of automated process control systems of growing silicon. Manufacture of industrial equipment, electric vacuum furnaces for melting of the aluminum oxide, silicon, sapphire and other high-tech equipment of any complexity and directions.)

Principal duties:
•ensuring compliance with the terms of contracts for the manufacture and shipment of goods;
•control of budgets for goods manufacture;
•preparation and approval of the production plans including the proofs of available recourses (financial, labor);
•providing proper running of the production processes
•implementation of the documents allowing to trace the production and avoid overproduction;
•inventory optimization (timely procurement of materials and implementation of illiquid assets from stocks);
•optimization of the production deadlines, by identification and determination of storage sites;
•organization of work of "Production and Dispatch Department";
•organization of maintenance and repairing works performance;
•production efficiency analysis;
•work with contractors in order to reduce the production time and resolving of the technical and technological issues;
•staff recruitment;
•Involving the outside customers for providing capacity utilization.

Shop Manager of the machine assembly shop

с 12.2007 по 02.2011 (3 года 2 месяца)
«Discovery Drilling Equipment (Ukraine) Ltd», Stryi, Lviv region. (Producing drilling rig equipment for oil and gas industry)

Principal duties:
•Creation of the shop structure and participation in creation of the company structure;
•management of industrial and economic activities of the shop;
•improvement of the organization of production, its processes, mechanization of production processes, prevention of defects and improving the quality of goods, implementation of advanced forms of work organization;
•planning production works as per the set tasks;
•providing technically proper operation of equipment and other fixed assets;
•coordination of work of the shops services;
•recruitment of workers and employees;
•control over compliance with rules of workers and occupational health and safety, industrial and labor discipline and internal labor regulations;
•development of job descriptions, work procedures, process and health and safety regulations;
•progressive training methods and special training of personnel (development of methods);
•developing shop budget and its control;
•coordination of work of the contractors, checking of the “Contractor’s works acceptance reports”, appropriate documents.

Engineer of technical supervision of capital construction

с 10.2006 по 12.2007 (1 год 2 месяца)
CJSC "Ukrtatnafta" Kremenchug Oil Refinery, Kremenchug (Oil refinery)

Principal duties:
•tracking project completion dates;
•informing of the company Top Management about the projects progress;
•technical supervision, acceptance reports of the performed works, inspection of the latent works on construction sites of the industrial and social facilities of JSC;
•agreement with design organizations and service of JSC issues, associated with changes and clarifications of the projects;
•assessments and fulfillment of the design and estimation of documentation, making suggestions on improvement of design decisions;
•control over correspondence of the following items to the project: equipment, materials, constructions, articles. Checking on the compliance with manuals, certificates and other supporting documents, that confirm their quality;
•operational accounting of the performed works in kind and money terms with signing of the appropriate documents;
•participation in the consideration and preparation of projects for approval of works on construction projects;
•control of performance by contractors of contractual obligations, events, schedules.

Additional skills:
•Performed duties of mechanics of technological installations of oil refining;
•work experience in "mechanical repair shop": repair of technological equipment of the plant and recordkeeping of reception and delivery on repair;
•experience in conducting of capital, the average, current and emergency repairs, emergency repairs organization (at any time) heat exchanger, pump, compressor, column equipment, boilers steam up to 25 kgf/cm2, pipes piping process equipment;
•experience in conducting of reconstructions, technological installation of oil refinery;
•experience in producing and mounting of the tanks with capacity from 2 till 20000 tones; construction of the new blocks of oil refinery technological installations; mounting of the following devices: column, heat exchanger, capacity type and hoisting cranes;
•maintenance of technical documentation;
•used to develop schedules of the preventive maintenance and used to trace their performance;
•implemented methods to make longer the equipment service life between overhauls;
•developed check lists (main and additional works) for thorough overhauls and modernization of the process oil-refining installations, approved them and controlled their performance.
•developed user manual for operation and maintenance of the new equipment that were put into operation after reconstructions;
•identification, registration, evaluation and marketing of the illiquid material assets from the company warehouse in order to receive the additional funds.


Kremenchug State Polytechnic University

Economics, accountant-economist, Kremenchug

Высшее, с 09.2004 по 06.2006 (1 год 9 месяцев)

Kremenchug State Polytechnic University

Mechanics and material engineering, Кременчуг

Высшее, с 09.1998 по 06.2001 (2 года 9 месяцев)

Kremenchug State Polytechnic University

Processing of materials at the lathes and automatic lines, junior specialist, Kremenchug

Среднее специальное, с 09.1994 по 06.1998 (3 года 9 месяцев)

Знание языков

  • English — средний


  • James Edward Thomas
    Director of operations, Discovery Drilling Equipment (Ukraine) Ltd, +380676563065
  • Oleg Belinsky
    Purchasing Director, Discovery Drilling Equipment (Ukraine) Ltd, +380676563064
  • Alexander Mytsyk
    Head of the department of planning and pre-production, Discovery Drilling Equipment (Ukraine) Ltd, +380673404313
  • Vadim Naydysh
    Production manager, Discovery Drilling Equipment (Ukraine) Ltd, +380676563068
  • Vladimir Nikolaenko
    Head of Capital Construction, CJSC "Ukrtatnafta", +380675350726
  • Alexander Zaychuk
    Head of technical supervision of construction of capital construction, CJSC "Ukrtatnafta", +380675302744

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