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Skuliar Arthur Nikolaevych

Project Manager, 20 000 грн

Полная занятость, неполная занятость, удаленная работа.

Дата рождения:
28 октября 1993 (24 года)

Контактная информация

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Опыт работы

Account Manager

с 02.2016 по наст. время (2 года 5 месяцев)
Shopping Cart Elite, Киев (IT, Ecommerce)

Project management responsibilities:
- working with clients and staff according to the SCRUM process;
- staff management;
- approaching client for getting the product live;
- making notes and reports about projects;
- leading regular calls to keep the project running;
- making a roadmap and properly follow all referred docs for getting product ready for launch;
- resolving any ongoing issues.

Additional responsibilities:
- product analysis based on business model and current product stage;
- making and implementing a list of suggestions to increase sales based on product analysis;
- leading marketing projects to improve sales funnel.

Tech Support specialist

с 08.2015 по 08.2016 (1 год)
Shopping Cart Elite, Kiev (IT, Ecommerce)

- providing technical support in working with CMS platform for creating and adjusting internet stores;
- data support;
- marketplaces support;
- making sure the issues are passed to developer's desk;
- keep a good relationship with clients;
- providing remote support;
- other tasks connected with technical support.



FICT, computer science, Kiev

Неоконченное высшее, с 09.2012 по 07.2016 (3 года 10 месяцев)

It's the branch of computer science education that gives an experience in working with different projects on the level of development and management.

Профессиональные навыки

  • Навыки работы с компьютером
    Experienced user of:
    - Windows;
    - Microsoft Office package;
    - Shopping Cart Elite CMS platform with time clocking system.
    I'm a fast learner of any software if needed.

Знание языков

  • Английский — эксперт
  • Русский — эксперт
  • Украинский — эксперт

Дополнительная информация

My name is Arthur and I'm looking for a remote full-time position as an account/project manager.
Bachelor's degree as an IT specialist in computer science gave me a good understanding of development cycle and support of a product ready for use.
I've got a good experience as an account manager of 2+ years for clients based in US market which allows me to interact with them without any issues and keep a good understanding during any stage of relationship. Of course, perfection is a way made of difficult mistakes, which are included in that experience.

My objective is to bring more quality in the software development, make it perfect for every customer and keep the team together as a combination of highly qualified staff which will produce a great product.

Personal interests:
- cryptocurrencies;
- games;
- sport (table tennis, workout);
- tech world;
- books;
- go veg :)

My life passion is to keep balance between work and personal life which makes it a good challenge.

I would like to find a team that allows me to bring some passion into the development cycle and, of course, improve myself as a good specialist in IT industry.
I'm open to suggestions in different fields which includes software development in IT or e-commerce industry and customer service.

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