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Metelyuk Yaroslav Valentinovich

Переводчик английского языка

Повна зайнятість.

44 роки

Контактна інформація

Шукач вказав телефон та ел. пошту.

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Додаткова інформація

Yaroslav Metelyuk

Vul. Ivana Pulyuya 2, kv 152,
Kyiv 03048, Ukraine
cell: [відкрити контакти](див. вище в блоці «контактна інформація»)
e-mail: [відкрити контакти](див. вище в блоці «контактна інформація»)


MPH -Masters Degree in Public Health
from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), School of Public Health, Department of Community Health Sciences


Graduate School (аспирантура) of Social Psychology at the
G.S. Kostyuk Institute of Psychology. Kyiv, Ukraine

1998 - 2000

Specialist degree in Applied Psychology,
National Pedagogical University of M.P. Dragomanov, Kyiv, Ukraine

1994 - 1998

Freelance consecutive and simultaneous interpreter

2006 - present

Provision of consecutive and/or simultaneous interpretation services at conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings, and during business travel.

Among clients are: WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNDP, Embassy of Sweden, DIFID, American Chamber of Commerce, Ukrainian Chamber of Trade and Industry, International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Renaissance Foundation, Pinchuk Art Center, Youth Film Festival “Molodist”, PLHA Network.

Primary areas of interpretation and translation: public health, medicine, human rights, education, etc.


UN Mission of the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment to Ukraine penitentiary system (10 day long assignment to Kyiv-Lviv-Donetsk)

UNICEF conference: Combating violence against children: from isolated actions to clear strategies

Scientific seminar in Kharkov on Upstream Processing: Fluid Management Technologies: Media Preparation & Disposable Storage

International Scientific and Practical Conference
“Twenty-Five Years after Chornobyl Accident:
Safety for the Future”

The Human Rights and Governance Program by Open Society Institute that encourages organizations in the region to engage in monitoring and litigation to push for better enforcement of international women’s rights standards.

Two weeks mission in Kyiv-Donetsk-Simferopol

National conference on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine that also included issues such as Substitution Maintenance Treatment for injection drug users and protection of their rights

UN mission on Arbitrary Detention (10 days long assignment)

National Conference on Dental Implantology in Lviv

Translation of National Guidelines of Administration of Antiretroviral Treatment in HIV infected adults and adolescents

Regional Meeting of Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria in Almaty, Kazakhstan

WHO mission to upgrade the implementation of the International Health Regulations and polio control measures in Ukraine

International Scientific Conference Modern Problems of Forensic investigation of Crimes

Second National Conference on HIV/AIDS

Sampling and Assessment Significance
National Supply Chain Assessment, Ukraine

Second Clinical Seminar on Kleinian Psychoanalysis

Seminar on gender equality and women’s participation in Constitutional reforms

Strong English, Ukrainian and Russian

Open to business travel, eager to learn, able to work long hours and under pressure


Available upon request

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