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Senior Oracle/ETL/DWH developer, 70 000 грн/мес.

Полная занятость.

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Senior Oracle Developer/Oracle Practice Lead

с 02.2015 по 10.2016 (1 год 8 месяцев)
Luxoft Professional Romania SRL. Deutsche Bank Delivery Centre, Bucharest, Romania (IT Outsourcing/Software Development)

Eventually I became Scorpio program Oracle Practice Lead to collect, systematize and share knowledge and best practices related to database development.
Scorpio Sales Dashboard (GWT + HTML5 + CSS3 + Apache / Tomcat + JSON + WebLogic(Java) + Oracle + Informatica) is a decision-support application for Coverage and Trading that provides business intelligence, with a focus on creating a 360 view of client, business and salesperson performance. Scorpio applications are platform independent and mobile oriented. Solutions is winner of Banking Technology 2013 Award in nomination “Best Use of Mobile Technology in Financial Services (Internally)”
My functions included:
–help IT PM at customer side in infrastructure and application lifecycle support;
–supervise SL3 Support Team build and knowledge transfer till they will be mature enough to deal with all expected and common tasks;
–share and follow up on all ideas / suggestions / innovations, review and discuss them in Project/Stream/Practice teams;
–continuously adopt and improve best practices of the Practice team work within multiple locations. Spreads the SME knowledge by continuously making complex things easier to understand for everyone (regular sessions, workshops, etc.);
–act as a primary contact point for DPMs and other stakeholders for Practice tasks / solution analysis, including technical analysis, feasibility study, etc.;
–ensures consistency of the implementation across the Portfolio within the agreed standards and practices;
My achievements:
–new version of application (Scorpio 2.0) Database architecture prepared and proved;
–re-runnable deploy script for database roll-out was successfully build for primary schema and it used up till now;
–have made a great contribution in Oracle practice development in Scorpio;
–took a part and made contribution into Romanian Oracle Community;
–smooth and successful migration of application PROD Database from old physical server based platform to new virtual server based cluster platform;
–successful productionalization of application PROD infrastructure (databases and WebLogic instances);
–presented SL3/RTB Service on entire Scorpio Program Audit / Review made by Luxoft Quality Center which successfully passed with Tier II grade;
–SL3 Support Team and Service are successfully built and as of now it’s mature enough to cover 95% of all support requests;
–smooth and successful migration of application Change and Incident Management to new process and tool;
–a lot of customer’s infrastructure issues and questions was resolved;
–successful relocation and adoption to Bucharest office;

Senior Oracle Developer

с 04.2014 по 02.2015 (10 месяцев)
Luxoft Ukraine. Deutsche Bank Delivery Centre, Киев (IT Outsourcing/Software Development)

I joined cross-location (Kiev + Bucharest) Scorpio GT Pulse project team to help start project by new dev. team on new location.
GT Pulse (GWT + HTML5 + CSS3 + Apache / Tomcat + JSON + WebLogic(Java) + Oracle + Informatica) is strategic dashboard reporting solution that delivers financials, delivery, headcount and audit information for senior managers.
My functions included:
–supervise SL3 Support Team creation and knowledge transfer till they will be mature enough to deal with all expected and common tasks;
My achievements:
–helped to successful start of cross-location Scorpio GT Pulse project;
–successful start of Scorpio Level 3 Support Team;
–took a part as Expert in more than 5 Solution Reviews;

Delivery Project Manager

с 07.2010 по 04.2014 (3 года 9 месяцев)
Luxoft Ukraine. Deutsche Bank Delivery Centre, Киев (IT Outsourcing/Software Development)

OPAL GT project: Opal Space platform and set of applications (GT Pulse, Governance, Risk & Regulatory, Outages, Business Management, Cost Management and Timesheet Status Dashboards).
OPAL (.Net + Adobe AIR / Flex + AMF + Apache / Tomcat + XML-RPC + WebLogic(Java) + Oracle + Informatica + JMS + iProcess (Tibco) + Crystal Reports + Jasper Reports) is a set of Deutsche Bank™ desktop applications that provides functionality to effectively manage and control client issue resolution process and all relative activities including reporting. It had approximately 5000+ active users.
OPAL GT applications provides business intelligence (including regional/regulatory) and alerting in support of the GT Operational Model. Target Audience are Senior Management, GT COO Group, Program/Project Managers. Approximate number of active users is 2500.
My functions included:
–help IT PM at customer side in infrastructure and application lifecycle support;
–ensure clear and solid understanding of planned scope/features/requirements/coming changes as well as motivators and background for business (business needs) as well as the major drivers within current iteration (it could be quality, value to the end users, speed, etc.);
–manages cross projects integration within different OPAL projects;
–regularly organize retrospective meetings to analyze of “what went well/could be improved”;
My achievements:
–customer feedback “Key project member, extremely professional developer and team lead who always delivers”;
–endless succession of hundreds UAT and 100+ PROD releases;
–Outages Dashboard and GT Pulse was chosen to be displayed on big plasma screens at the offices;
–participated in 20+ technical Interviews;
–20+ PM interviews was done;
–quick and successful on-boarding of 20+ OPAL team members;
–project team grew up to 20 team members (initially it was 5 people);
–participated in various application’s refactorings;
–a lot of customer’s infrastructure issues and questions was resolved;
–became one of most experienced man in Deutsche Bank IT processes and Application Lifecycle support tools including Change and Incident management;

Senior Oracle Developer

с 07.2009 по 07.2010 (1 год)
Luxoft Ukraine. Deutsche Bank Delivery Centre, Киев (IT Outsourcing/Software Development)

Successful POC implementation of Opal Space applications framework and GT Governance Dashboard which leads to launching OPAL GT (GIS) project.
Opal Space (.Net + Adobe AIR / Flex + SOAP + Apache / Tomcat + WebLogic + Oracle) is a solution framework that facilitates the building of Rich Internet Application Eco-Systems for a wide range of purposes including decision support, workflow management, data entry and collaboration deployed to desktop, Citrix, BlackBerry and iPad/iPhone.
GT Governance Dashboard provides analytical presentation of delivery, risk and financial management information including key governance related statistics.
My achievements:
–the draft version of GT Governance Dashboard was ready in two months;
–became Project Manager deputy;

Head of group of IT consultants

с 07.2008 по 07.2009 (1 год)
Citia BTC, Киев (IT Outsourcing/Consulting)

My functions included:
– head of group of IT consultants (6 people);
– database architect;
– development of decision support information system and accounting system;
– database and customer systems analysis;
– extract, transform, load (ETL) development;
– reports development, reports generators usage;
– projects documenting;
My achievements:
–take part as IT consultant and ETL developer in project “Corporate Information Analysis System on basis of Data Warehouse” for Commercial Bank “Delta” Ukraine Co Ltd (Oracle DataBase Enterprise Edition 10g + Oracle Warehouse Buider 10g + Business Objects XI) («Kompjuternoe Obozrenie» magazine №14, 21 april, 2009. http://ko-online.com.ua/node/42284);
–take part as IT consultant and ETL developer in project “Management Information System” for CJSC “Ukrainian Mobile communication” (Oracle DataBase Enterprise Edition 11g + Oracle Warehouse Buider 11g + Business Objects XI) (The first phase of project successfully done);
–development of data loading procedure using redo log analysis technology (Oracle LogMiner API).

Assistant chief of Center/Head of department of development and support

с 11.2001 по 06.2008 (6 лет 7 месяцев)
JSC UkrCard, Киев (Banking Service)

The head of collective of the developers who are responsible for working out and support of accounting-technical system «Issuer Module» (BCZ-Card). The system dynamically develops being based on requirements of banks-customers and the processing center, corresponding to acts and rules regulating a subject domain, and also the perspective analysis of tendencies in the market of business of plastic cards.
My functions included:
– the head of collective 10 programmers;
– forward planning;
– architect of structures and algorithms of a DB;
– analysis and the coordination of technical specifications and requirements with the customer;
– analysis of technical projects, entering into them of the coordinated changes and the control over their execution;
– Oracle administration;
My achievements:
–participation in migration from the terminal version product (SQL*Forms 3.0) on the version with the graphic interface (Oracle Forms 9.0);
–working out, optimization and support of a kernel of system (carrying out of the financial transactions, competitive work of set of users/sessions with one object logic business), being based on the newest, offered Oracle, versions Client and Server software;
–working out and introduction of standards of a writing of a code and design of the user interface
–troubleshooting in the shortest terms of the arisen malfunctions and problems on a platform of the customer.

Web-internet engineer and NT network programmer-admin

с 02.2001 по 11.2001 (9 месяцев)
Vettrasoft Corporation, Киев (IT Outsourcing/Software Development)

In charge of hands-on implementation of Web-server; HTML page design, CGI configuration, etc. Also responsible for troubleshooting of NT and network problems, including subnet addressing, e-mail configuration, DNS. Currently implementing Genesys CTI Internet Suite.
My functions included:
–database administration (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 7,2000);
–administration of Windows 2000 Network;
–administration of Exchange Server 2000;
–development and support corporate Web-server (FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, PHP);
–installation and support of other software.
My achievements:
–configured TCP/IP based domain network (Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Professional, Active Directory, Exchange Server 2000);
–I was developed corporate Web-server. Used tools – AceHTML 4 Pro, CorelXara X. (FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, PHP, HTML, JavaScript);
–installed and supported Vantive и Genesys;
–worked on Lietuvos Telekomas against 1-month contract (problems resolution in system - Vantive+MS SQL Server 2000+Oracle+MQSeries+NT Services+Unix Daemons);
–designed Vantive forms (Vantive Form Designer, VBScript);

Senior Engineer/Programmer

с 12.1999 по 02.2001 (1 год 2 месяца)
AgroPromBank "Ukraine", Черкассы (Commercial Bank)

I am the engineer-programmer of sector of developing and servicing of software for “Centralized database of bank” - corporate Oracle database storage of the bank information from all branches of bank (Oracle [открыть контакты](см. выше в блоке «контактная информация»), Windows NT, PL/SQL, Delphi 3,4,5, VBA). In automatic mode receiving, processing and storaging of the information from 24 branches of bank, and also preparing and sending the reports in higher instances. All departments in the bank use this information. The database is developed in our department and implemented in all of the regional managements of Bank.
My functions included:
–Oracle administration and support;
–support of information system Oracle+Excel+Intranet;
–development and support of other software.
My achievements:
–improved the productivity of the Oracle server by optimization of server procedures;
–worked with the experts of a subject domain for development of the technical requirements for development of system;
–at my participation was developed and implemented the information system - Oracle+Excel(VBA);
–the tools of messaging by the TCP/IP LAN developed and implemented by me, with storehouse of the messages on the Oracle server - Delphi+Oracle (PL/SQL);
–at my participation was developed and implemented the Intranet information system - Oracle(PL/SQL)+ASP+JavaScript+HTML+Internet Explorer
–carried out administration of a Windows NT network.


Cherkassy Engineering and Technological Institute

The software of the automated systems, Черкассы

Высшее, с 09.1994 по 07.1999 (4 года 10 месяцев)

Degree in information technologies and systems

Дополнительное образование

  • Luxoft, EAS-015 Hadoop Fundamentals (2016, 5 days)

Профессиональные и другие навыки

  • Навыки работы с компьютером
    Programming languages and libraries: SQL (19 years), PL/SQL (17 years), Java (5 years), XSTL / XPath / XQuery (3 years), Delphi 2/3/4/5/6 (5 years), C/C++ (3 years), PHP (1 year), JavaScript (2 years), VBScript (2 years), VBA (2 years), Pascal (4 years), Assembler (2 years), FoxPro (1 year).
    Databases and database access libraries: Oracle Database Enterprise Edition 7.34/8.16/9i/10g/11g (17 years), TeraData (1 month), MySQL (3 years), ODBC (5 years), Access (4 years), FoxPro (1 year).
    Client Software: Oracle SQL Developer (5 years), PL/SQL Developer (15 years), TOAD (17 years), Oracle SQL*Plus (17 years), Tortoise GIT (3 months), Tortoise SVN (7 years), Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g/11g
  • Oracle SQL (19 лет опыта)
    Эксперт, использую в настоящее время.
  • PL/SQL (17 лет опыта)
    Эксперт, использую в настоящее время.

Знание языков

  • Английский — эксперт

Дополнительная информация

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/ivan-dubovych-50125096

Highly motivated and result driven developer and manager who has a successful and consistent record of accomplishment in the most challenging projects and engagements.
Able to handle complex assignments effectively and always ready to provide extra efforts to achieve the best results.
Over 15 years in Software Development and Management.

* Project and Release Management;
* Data Warehousing, Dimensional Modelling, ETL development;
* Software development (Oracle PL/SQL, SQL, Java and others);
* Technical issues management and resolution (internal and external; collaboration with Oracle Support);

* Passionate about Agile & Lean methods and practices: Scrum, Kanban Method;
* Software development;
* Data Warehousing, BI, Data Integration, Data Quality;
* Oracle Database & Middleware

* Looking for continuous improvement and learning (for myself and for the teams and whole organization);
* Embracing innovation, new technologies and good practices;
* I like experimenting & trying new ideas. (I don't feel comfortable in situations like "we cannot change that" and "don't touch it if it works");
* I feel bad when I'm "chained" into too narrow boundaries (set by role, rules, historical reasons, etc.);
* I value freedom, openness & transparency, curiosity and diversity;
* End goal & purpose matter to me;

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