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Sergienko Maks

Sales manager, business analyst, 10 000 грн

Повна зайнятість, неповна зайнятість, дистанційна робота.

28 років

Контактна інформація

Шукач вказав телефон та ел. пошту.

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Досвід роботи

As a Sales Manager

з 09.2017 по 02.2018 (5 місяців)
Anklav LLC., Kharkov (consumer electronics store)

B2C, B2B, work with tenders.

Payment: from 8000 to 11000 UAH per month

As a Business Analyst

з 08.2017 по 06.2018 (10 місяців)
OnSales, Kharkov (consulting / audit)

Marketing environment & competitor analysis (Green Optima Plant Nursery, Kharkiv)
Supermarket investment project analytics and audit (Basket LLC., Kharkiv)
Call center performance audit (AvtoTreydLizing LLC., Minsk).
Business process analysis and optimization beyond reengineering (Borika LLC., Kharkiv).

Payment: from 300 USD per order or 4-6 USD per hour

As a Sales Manager/Technical Manager & Department Assistant/Consultant at web store department

з 11.2014 по 04.2016 (1 рік 5 місяців)
Elektronnyiy Mir LLC., Kharkov (consumer electronics retail store)

Job Description: work with consumers via phone, e-mail, skype & e-shop chat. Control and maintenance of order at all stages execution. Customer service quality assurance and improving company reputation. Counseling clients on how to configure a variety of computer equipment and digital systems. Moderating product reviews. Social media marketing strategy build. UX & UI consulting. Business process re-engineering (BPR) consulting. Establishing external affairs with consumers and partners. Some HR assistance. Technical documentation translation.

Payment: from 5000 to 10000 UAH per month

As a Sales Manager

з 11.2013 по 02.2014 (3 місяці)
Plaza.kh.ua, Kharkov (consumer electronics store)

Job Description: work with consumers in shop and via phone. Control and maintenance of order at all stages execution. Counseling clients on how to configure a variety of computer equipment and digital systems. Working with suppliers and stock balance control. Profit planning implementation. Cash accounting.

Payment: from 400 USD per month

As a IT Manager

з 09.2012 по 09.2013 (1 рік)
SPELLi A.Z. Bicycle Group, Kharkov (bicycle manufacturing company and parts supplier)

Job Description: gathering and structuring data about all bicycle shops in Ukraine. Expanding distribution channels. Company website development. Computer equipment service and support. Some HR assistance.
Bonuses: mid-range PC, iPad and mid-range cross-country bike.

Payment: 2400 UAH per month

As a Technical Editor/Content Manager

з 07.2012 по 09.2012 (2 місяці)
Stroy Price, Kharkov (newspaper)

Job Description: content and data processing.

Payment: from 2000 UAH per month

As a Sales Assistant/Cashier

з 05.2012 по 06.2012 (1 місяць)
Territoriya Tvoey Tehniki, Kharkov (consumer electronics store)

Job Description: customer consultations and sales, goods reception and registration, merchandising, cash accounting and primary documentation.

Payment: 2000 UAH per month

As a Consultant

з 07.2011 по нині (7 років 4 місяці)
Government Work, Kharkiv (government sector)

Work in public interest

Payment: flat and other material and non-material forms of motivation

As a Courier

з 03.2010 по 10.2010 (7 місяців)
Rosprint LLC., Kharkov (service center)

Job Description: consumables and documentation delivery. Assisted the manager with daily tasks.

Payment: from 1500 UAH per month

As a Courier

з 03.2008 по 09.2008 (6 місяців)
Printkor LLC., Kharkov (service center)

Job Description: consumables and documentation delivery. Assisted the manager with daily tasks.

Payment: 10 USD per day

As a Courier

з 06.2007 по 09.2007 (3 місяці)
Rosprint LLC., Kharkov (service center)

Job Description: consumables and documentation delivery. Assisted the manager with daily tasks.

Payment: 750 UAH per month


Ivan Kozhedub Kharkov University of Air Force

Air Force Staff, Kharkov
Вища, з 09.2010 по 05.2012 (1 рік 8 місяців)

Kharkov Institute of Business and Management

Management of Organization, Kharkov
Вища, з 09.2008 по 05.2012 (3 роки 8 місяців)

Додаткова освіта

  • Novosibirsk State University, Finance (2016)
  • Bioinformatics Institute, Statistics (2016)
  • National University of Science and Technology «MISIS», Intellectual Property Management (2016)
  • Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, Financial Management (2016)
  • Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, Marketing: Developing and Sales of Value Proposition (2016)
  • National University of «Kyiv-Mohyla Academy», Communication Tools for Reputation Building (2016)
  • Columbia University School of Professional Studies, Global Human Capital Trends (2016)
  • Columbia University School of Professional Studies, Preview Course on Killer Risks (2016)
  • Stanford University, Computer Science (2016)
  • Texas A&M University, Create Content before Building a Website (2016)
  • Open2Study (Open Universities Australia), User Experience for the Web (2016)
  • PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Lobbying (2016)
  • Spektor's Law Agency, Consumer Protection Laws (2016)
  • Anti-corruption Research & Education Centre, The Fight Against Corruption (2016)
  • ALLIT Service LLC., Information Security (2016)
  • Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe, Online Marketing (2016)

Професійні та інші навички

Навички роботи з комп’ютером
Windows XP-10 (system administrator), Ubuntu GNU/Linux (advanced user), OS X Tiger-Lion (advanced user); Joomla, WordPress; TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, FTP, WPA 2 / 802.1X (Captive Portal), VPN, TOR, IP tunneling; 1C: Enterprise, Predprinimatel; Denwer; MS Office, Open Office, iWork; MS Outlook, Thunderbird, The Bat; Adobe Photoshop; CSS (reading and basic understanding); PHP (reading and basic understanding); MySQL, Microsoft Access, Neo4j (basic understanding); VirtueMart; VirtualBox; Ethernet, WLAN, Bridges, Switches, Routers, Modems, Firewalls, WAN, DSL; TeamViewer, Ammyy Admin, Windows Remote Desktop; Boot Camp; Acronis Disk Director, Memtest86, Victoria, etc.; Kerio Control; MikroTik; DigiNet.

Знання мов

  • Російська — вільно
  • Англійська — вище середнього
  • Польська — початковий
  • Українська — вільно

Додаткова інформація

Skills Summary
Computer repair: diagnose and repair desktops, laptops and peripheral devices; perform installation, diagnosis and repair of all computers; troubleshoot computer hardware and software; take apart and re-assemble computer systems as required; resolve network issues as and when required; manually set up computer systems; perform preventive maintenance by installing prudent software and hardware; demonstrated ability to read and understand technical manuals and schematics. Hardware devices programming.

Knowledge of customer groups and market segments: IT industry, Cycling industry.

Law's knowledges: general knowledge of Ukrainian law and legal system, basic knowledge of international law.

Common knowledges: good knowledge of Kharkov, touch typing, recruitment & selection experience.

Courseworks writing by subjects (to order): industrial audit, IT teacher.

Management: strategic thinking, knowledge of psychological sales techniques, analytical skills, critical thinking, capable of delivering quick solutions to the marketing troubles, planning and organizing, conflict resolution, excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong networking skills, negotiating skills, multitasking, leadership abilities, coordination, ability to influence people and clients, excellent research abilities, win/win approach, quickly develop relationships with clients, diplomacy, tactfulness, diligence and high efficiency.

Other skills:experience in working with government agencies, foundations and charitable organizations. Experience with foreign governmental organizations and foundations.

IT: understanding of the principles and stages of software development, writing technical specs, VCS (basic understanding).

Hobbies and Interests
Hi-Tech, PC and console gaming, cycling, reading, aquariums.

Character traits
Dedication, perseverance, independence, self-control, discipline, honesty, truthfulness, compassion.

Additional Work Experience
2017 Auto parts internet store development with online TecDoc catalogs.
2008 – 2014 Computer equipment service and support, pc and mobile device repair, system administration, network management.
04.2014 – 07.2014 Bicycle Seller.
Job Description: consulting and sales.
05.2011 – 05.2011 Industrial Climber Assistant.
03.2010 –02. 2011 Bicycle Seller.
Job Description: analysis of e-commerce potential for this product category and sales.
03.2006- 04.2006 Promoter.
Job Description: leaflet distribution.


Intel Corporation Professional Consultant award (award received from Jeff McCrea, vice president of the Sales and Marketing Group and director of the Consumer Channels Group at Intel Corporation), 2016.

Microsoft Bing Ads Accredited Professional
Google Adwords Specialist
Google Mobile Advertising Specialist
Google Analytics Specialist
1C Bitrix Admin Base
Eurolan Certified Designer and Installer
Dr.Web Information Security Policy
Intel® Technology Expert
Intel® Retail Certified Associate
Intel® Retail Certified Specialist
Intel® Retail Certified Professional
Windows 10 and Intel Devices: Better Together
WD Professional Status
WD Expert Status
Seagate Surveillance Certification
ZCNP Wireless LAN 1000
ZCNP Wireless LAN 2000
ZCNP Digital Home 1000
ZCNP Digital Home 2000
ZCNP Security 1000
HP SMARTS Specialist
Nikon Compact Digital Cameras Specialist
Epson Academy Certified
APC by Schneider Electric SOHO Sales Associate
APC by Schneider Electric Cooling Sales Associate
Sharp Europe Job Accounting II
Microsoft Windows 10 in Corporate Environment
Philips Lighting LED Passport Certified
HeadHunter Online Recruitment
Canon Russia Q3 2016 Certification
NPO Relvest LTD. ParsecNET 3 ACS Certified Installer
Lenovo Russia Lenovo Retail Certified
Sony Mobile Russia Authorized Distributor
LG Mobile Russia Official Consultant

VMware Workforce Mobility Fundamentals
Kaspersky Lab Actual IT Security Threats
Hewlett-Packard Company Customer Relationship Management
Samsung Electronics America Samsung Home Entertainment
Panasonic Russia Distance Learning Courses

I hereby agree for processing the following personal information strictly for the recruitment purposes in accordance with the regulation for the protection of personal data passed on the following day: 01.01.2017

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