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Petrov Aleks

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Linguist | Translator | Interpreter

Bio Data
Date of birth: 11TH March 1992
Gender: Male
Address: Shota Rustaveli Street, 01023 Kyiv-23
Current City: Kyiv
Contact number: Skype
E-mail: [відкрити контакти](див. вище в блоці «контактна інформація»)
Skype: Researcher Pro

Extremely hard working and friendly individual who enjoys communicating with others from different cultures and backgrounds. Highly self-motivated and outgoing, enjoys ensuring the provision of an exceptional client service at all times. Recent Linguistics graduate brings highly developed communication, critical thinking, presentation, and computer skills from interactions at workplaces. Ability to learn quickly on the job and brings an energetic “can do” approach to work.
Technically proficient computer skills for the workplace include: Microsoft Office Suite, Linger, Audacity, Prezi, Sony Vegas and Video Editing Software (Apple and Microsoft).

Career Objective

Achieve the very best in promoting the industry’s vision, mission and core objectives and gaining academic experience. Become a recognizable professional in a specific field. Achieve a high level of competence in the industry and outstanding management skills. Become an efficient employee and a part of an organization. Participate in company's development, growth and success.
Effectively apply obtained knowledge in practice. Obtain valuable work experience, and achieve a carrier growth.

M.A. (Diploma), in History, (2011)
Moscow State University (Highest Honors)
Bachelors in Liguistics,(Hons) (2015) Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University of K.D.Uchinsky
Work Experience

1. Business development From September 2014 – till present.
Gekos | AdtoApp (Mobile Ads. Real time mediation) Gekos | AppinTop (CPI based business model, account management, traffic management)
2. Translator - United Nations
From 2011-2012
Maintained full responsibility for facilitating the flow of concepts and ideas between diverse languages and cultures as a United States Army language translator, interpreter. Provided verbal and written translations from Russian to English and English to Russian.
3. Personal Tutor
• Tutored students; a high school student in Literature and a fifth grader in all subjects.
• Met with fifth grader once a week to further her understanding in all subjects, especially
• Met with high school student to support him with gaining a better understanding of Algebra
4. Copywriter 2010-2014
• 4Wiriters.com | Wizardwriters.com | Fiverr

5. Research assistant
2015 – present
• Worked under two university professors researching an analyzing various linguistic documents and drafting reviews. I identified gaps in the literature written and recommended research areas in the same.
Professional skills
• Teamwork
• Ad management
• Social network management
• Market Analysis
• Business Communications

Work with PC
Advanced PC user. Work with Windows, Mac, Linux. Deep knowledge of most common software, such as: SPSS, 1C, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Photoshop etc. Also is familiar with Google AdWords, E-mail marketing (Mail Chimp), online surveys, and SEO promotion. Interested in the development of new software, fast learner.
"Framing the American Federation (On the Contours of the American Revolution)" Bernard Bailyn. Annual Studies of America, 2010. (Moscow, 2010), 12-32. "Administrative Apparatus of the Russian-American Company: 1798-1867" Basil Dmytryshyn. Annual Studies of America, 2000. (Moscow, 2012), 98-118.

English (academic and spoken fluency) French and Spanish (for research purposes)

• Supervised linguist training and qualification for 115-member operations branch;
mentored 25 trainees in 2012.
• Proficiently translated both technical and non-technical documents and interpreted for
high commanders in 2013.
• Interpreted statements made by participants during interviews, meetings, and conferences using various methods to preserve the original intent, meaning, and emphasis in 2012 in a UN seminar.
• Successfully completed numerous 5-man team level projects which dealt with analysis, stability and support operations and Russian translation in 2015.
• Facilitated training of junior language analysts selected to join an esteemed team within the branch, assisted junior linguists with difficult translations and target specific material.
• Obtained superior ratings in transcriptions which promoted me to check the Quality Control in transcripts done by other monitors in April 2016
Additional information
Skills obtained through process of education in University:
• Work in team with international members
• Contemporary marketing
• Digital marketing

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