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Резюме від 13 грудня 2017

Rakici Firat

Coordinator, 25 000 грн

Повна зайнятість.

28 років

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Додаткова інформація

Personal Information
⦁Name: Firat Bugra Rakici
⦁Birth Place: Bakirkoy/ISTANBUL
⦁D.O.B: 01/09/1990
⦁Nationality: TR
⦁Marital Status: Engaged
⦁Driving License: Class B (TR)
⦁Contact: [відкрити контакти](див. вище в блоці «контактна інформація»)
⦁Address: 3-D Svitla str., Kiev, Ukraine
⦁Email Adress: [відкрити контакти](див. вище в блоці «контактна інформація»)

Job experience
⦁2009-2010 Saga Airlines ( Worked as a dispatch officer / Trainee ) : While i was studying in university in a field of civil aviation and management i worked as a trainee in Saga Airlines dispatch office and after my trainee term i had a job offer but it didn't worked because i was still studying.
⦁2015 ACT Airlines (Worked as a flight operation officer) Jeddah KSA : Started to work at Act Airlines Istanbul office and right after i completed my trainings and obtained my licenses Act sent me to Saudi Arabia / Jeddah base to flight operations division. My duty was helping flight dispatch, Making revisions of flight charts (Jeppesen) and working together with ground operations in order to run 5 Boeing 747/400 Cargo operation.
⦁2015 SeaPearl Ataköy ( Project Sales Manager) :After Saudia Operation has ended i went back to my country and decided to move on other job fields and started to work at SeaPearl Ataköy Project, which is a biggest construction company in Istanbul/Turkey. I worked there at project sales manager and also coordinating both local and outside of Turkey investments and sales.
⦁2016-2017 Bedel Mobility Solutions (Immigration Specialist and Consulting) : My duty in BMS was mainly working with big companies such as (Boeing,Google,Ing Bank,Celgene,Sony,Omv Petrols,Petrol Office,Lego,Bal Global) and their current high ranking managers,ceo's and cfo's mostly. Working on their immigration cases,registering companies on Turkey,Legal help,Counselling and other personal help in order to make the company or a person to work in Turkey legally and adapt the new rules and the New country)
Educational Information
⦁Civil Aviation Transportation & Management ( Okan University 2011 )
⦁Private Pilot Training ( Euro American School Of Aviation / Orlando FL 2012 )
⦁International Relations (Eskişehir Anadolu University Third Grade 2012)
⦁Crew resource management (crm)
⦁Dangerous goods ınıtıal traınıng cat-10 (dgr)
⦁Safety management systems (SMS)
⦁Faa aırmen certıfıcate medıcal class:3
⦁Body language for leaders (personal ımprovıng certıfıcates)
⦁Decısıon makıng fundamentals (personal ımprovıng certıfıcates)
⦁Improvıng your judgement (personal ımprovıng certıfıcates)
⦁solvıng busıness problems (personal ımprovıng certıfıcates)
⦁advanced fırst aıd traınıng
⦁experıments ın economıcs

Academic Capability and skills
⦁Basic Aircraft Knowledge and Theory of Flight (Licensed)
⦁Aerodynamics (Licensed)
⦁Human Factors in Aviation Systems (Licensed)
⦁Air Nav Systems
⦁Airline Ground/Flight Safety Operations
⦁Airside Safety Awareness (Licensed)
⦁Airline Management (Licensed)
⦁Air Transportation Management
⦁Solving Business Problems
⦁Organizational Behaviour and Management Physiology
⦁Cost Reduction Strategies
⦁Air Law (Licensed)
⦁Decision Making
⦁Crew Resource Management (Licensed)
⦁International Trades (Licensed)
⦁Body Language (Licensed)
⦁Working Under Pressure
⦁Time Management
⦁Project Planning
⦁Process Management

⦁Turkish (Mother Tongue)
⦁English : Fluent ( + Aero nautical english )

Personal interest and hobbies

Reading,,Outdoors,Hiking,Basketball,Competetive Gaming,Crafting

Computer Skills

⦁Microsoft Powerpoint: 5/5
⦁Microsoft Word 5/5
⦁Microsoft Excel 5/5
⦁Microsoft Outlook 5/5
⦁Adobe Photoshop 5/4


⦁Hadi Ercan ( Captain Pilot ACT Airlines Assistant Professor )
⦁Bekir Koparan ( Captain Pilot )
⦁Yıldıray Ayaz (Ret. Intelligence Manager ExxonMobil)

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