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Mukovataya Olga

Sales Manager (B2B, B2C, B2G, проекты на CNN, клиенты из Форбс), 90 000 грн

Повна зайнятість, неповна зайнятість, дистанційна робота.

38 років
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Personal achievements and general intro

з 01.2017 по нині (1 рік 10 місяців)
general information, Kiev (intro)


1) in short time
2) with minimum budgets

I work only with secured serious people. 95% of them are foreign customers.


--- My projects are on CNN and other leading
american channels 2 months after the

--- My products and strategies are bought by
millionaires from the “Forbes” list

--- I can transform any kind of product into any kind
of product

--- My maximum personal fee for labor practice was
$400,000 by one check

--- The things I create are the First Ones Ever in the
World! (see the examples below)



I've been working in sales and creating marketing strategies stimulating sales for 20 years now.


examples and result see:

- in the full version of my resume on Facebook (my name is there - "Olga Fabr"): www.facebook.com/olga.fabr
The link to my FULL resume with examples: goo.gl/Z31Eq3

- or by the link to my SHORT resume with examples: goo.gl/Vfq79a



British pronunciation
(What my English sounds like
you can hear in youtube video "OlgaKiev says hello"):




- Internet Marketer
- PR/Brand Manager
- Sales Manager B2B, B2C, B2G including international activities in:

1.) Negotiations with investors;
2.) Lead generation; advertisement;
3.) "Cold" и "warm" calling, sales and deal closing in manufacturing and service sector;
4.) Building up successful international sales strategies in modern neuromarketing (projects on CNN, USA)

- Journalist/photoreporter


You can also recommend me to the companies specializing in:

- IT
- Engineering
- Bio-recycling
- Design

And other. Thank you.


Marital Status:
Not married

Kids: son (french citizenship)
2003 year of birth


Development of unique industrial design objects that successfully stimulate sales of goods, PART 1

з 04.2016 по нині (2 роки 7 місяців)
The modern sphere of neuromarketing and "viral marketing" / Projects on CNN, clients from the "Forbes" list, Киев (Advertisement and PR)


For own company (manufacturing of furniture and interior surfaces made of liquid stone (it's like fillings for teeth, but for buildings and interior items, extra charge is 780%). The company was sold in 2013 before the war began in Ukraine.

1) Product stimulating sales "Dandelion in a Liquid Stone Cube" (February 13, 2012) goo.gl/7gCSJk (link on Facebook in Russian, or here in English goo.gl/aS6Hkr ) was designed to quickly and budgetarily demonstrate how liquid stone (polymer) is compatible with any type of material.

Video of dandelion is here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV0V2wQtL2g

Result: after conducting this advertising Internet campaign, in one week our office began to receive mass proposals from high-class specialists from competing industries with a request for employment.


2) Product stimulating sales "Toilet for Politicians" (July 15, 2012) goo.gl/SegF9v (link on Facebook in Russian, original campaign in Russian sounded as "Toilet for Deputies"; or here in English goo.gl/QZYJhw )

was designed to quickly and budgetarily attract attention of customers from governmental sector.

Result: after starting this advertising Internet campaign, in 2 days time there were very fast massive information re-posts in social media, including the assistants of the President of Ukraine (Eastern Europe) and Xenia Sobchak (Russian "Paris Hilton", who nominated her candidacy for President of Russia in 2018). Her re-post of the toilet was on July 17, 2012 in Twitter

twitter.com/xenia_sobchak/status/[відкрити контакти](див. вище в блоці «контактна інформація»)

Xenia's father, in the opinion of CNN, was mentor of Putin and brought him into politics from the KGB:

After Xenia re-posted "Toilet for Politicians" the company got the increased number of private orders and projects from governmental sector.

Development of unique industrial design objects that successfully stimulate sales of goods, PART 2

з 04.2016 по 12.2017 (1 рік 8 місяців)
The modern sphere of neuromarketing and "viral marketing" / freelance in parallel to the main job activity, Киев (Advertisement and PR)

Creation of a product prototype stimulating sales for a company selling products and literature for good sleep (Thrive Global Store, USA). The owner of the company is included into the american "Forbes" list: goo.gl/c3Y7XG

In the future, the final product received successful info support on CNN, Fortune Magazine and other leading american channels, including IT exhibitions in United States.

The name of the product prototype stimulating sales was

"Bed for Smartphone"
(helps kids and adults stop using their phones before bed)

The very first release was on russian site "VKontakte" June 22, 2016:

And on Facebook

It was timed to international release of the game "Pokemon Go" (2016). "Bed for Smartphone" was very quickly popularized in Internet space with help of successful slogan

"Do you want your pokemons sleep well?
Buy them the first ever Bed for Smartphone!"

which received a huge response from the audience. The idea of ??the product was instantly bought by american company selling products for good sleep. Later, "Bed for Smartphone" got interpreted into a family multi-charger for all family members' phones all together.

By the end of the year release was on CNN (USA, November 30, 2016): youtu.be/HvYhe8OUPWE?t=168

Fortune Magazine (USA, November 2, 2016): youtu.be/NG3CruoWCJQ?t=6

And other channels.

Result: "Bed for Smartphone" contributed to the successful additional promotion and increased profit on the sale of products for sleep by accessing additional advertising platforms previously inaccessible to the company. Including IT exhibitions. That helped to get extra customers, very solvent but not very sleepy IT specialists who are now massively buying pillows, bed linens and literature on the organization of the right sleep regime from the company selling sleep products.

There are also many other successful examples in my practice of modern ways for attracting customers, selling and promoting goods and services.

Wholesale manager (non-official employment).

з 04.2016 по нині (2 роки 7 місяців)
manufacturer of women’s winter and demi-season down coats of the lowest price segment, Бровары (Industry and Manufacturing)


- Customer demands research
- Formation of the seasonal sewing plan
- Formation of assortment matrix
- Pricing
- Negotiations with buyers
- Negotiations with investors
- Monitoring of retail customer behavior for optimizing wholesale strategies

Result: expansion of the customer base, minimization of the remaining goods.

Internet marketer (part time job in parallel to the main job activity in own company)

з 01.2010 по 05.2013 (3 роки 4 місяці)
"Hresna" (“Godmother”- transl. from ukr. to engl.) Manufacturer of textile goods for kids, Киев (Industry and Manufacturing (Textile goods for kids))

Internet shop "HRESNA" has been on the market since 2010.
The company site: www.xresna.in.ua


- Advertisement support: internet and print advertising
- Conducting of cross-site incoming Internet traffic of potential customers
- Joint banner advertisement of this internet store of textile goods for kids with the manufacturing company I co-founded (furniture and interior surfaces made of liquid polymers)
- Analysis of customers behavior in the transition from the interior and construction groups of products to the children's textile group. And back
- Analysis of sales growth when combining these groups of goods

Result: our company that was a manufacturer of the furniture and interior surfaces made of liquid polymer stone got an additional group of clients. They were young families with newborn children and small-sized living space in new buildings. No single problem with prepayments! As this group of clients wanted to close their repair issues as quickly as possible because of cramped small housing conditions and loudly crying newborn children.

Our info-partners, manufacturers of children's christening clothes (including their thematic online store) received the additional Internet traffic of customers from us. Our clients were coming to our table-tops and window-sills made of liquid polymers, and leaving with their textile baptismal clothes kits, which our customers purchased as gifts for relatives locally and internationally all around the globe.

Marketing director/ Co-owner / Sales manager (“cold” and “warm” leads).

з 01.2009 по 06.2013 (4 роки 5 місяців)
“Dianit” llc., Киев (Industry and Manufacturing)

Up to 30 employees; 4 in subordination: 1 kitchen designer, 1 web designer, 1 graphic designer, 1 sales manager for related advertising projects from other business partners.

The company site www.dianit.com.ua was closed as business got sold.
The screenshot example of the site is here:


- Manufacturing of furniture and construction surfaces made of liquid artificial CORIMAT stone (It’s like fillings for teeth, but for the buildings and interior items. Margin = 97.5%, extra charge = 780%)
- Manufacturing of kitchen projects with facades made of liquid stone
- Architectural and design projects for premises renovation


- Starting the company “from zero”
- Development of a corporate style
- Creating strategy of the company’s growth
- Creating promotional products
- Development/design/promotion of the company’s web site and additional advertisement internet platforms

- Stuff selection
- Building a retail sales network on the Internet
- Online branding
- Accumulating an active incoming traffic of orders that averagely took up to 50% - 65% of the total quantity of applications arriving to the company, depending on the season
- Getting to the country’s TOP 5 by the number of orders received on Internet in this particular manufacturing segment in Ukraine

- Cooperation with foreign construction companies, architectural bureaus, private customers (Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Italy)
- Phone sales to a "warm" base of incoming customers who found us on Internet or with help of printable advertisement. Further transfer of the orders ready to be made to the workshop of the manufactory
- Negotiations with investors

Result: In 4.5 years, the company grew up from an ordinary garage to 750 square meters (8073 square feet) of production space, and the same size of the warehouse. We delivered interior surfaces to the number of objects, such as:

- the Olympic Stadium (Kiev, Ukraine)
- Zhulyany Airport (Kiev, Ukraine)
- “Villa Sofia” boutique-hotel (Yalta, Crimea, the owner is the famous People's Artist of USSR, Sofia Rotaru)

and many other on foreign and domestic markets. Examples of the products made of liquid Corimat stone are posted here:


The co-owner of one of the oldest pre-revolutionary guest houses in Europe. Built in 1874, Kiev, Ukraine.

з 11.2007 по нині (11 років)
Management of residential real estate, sector B2G (own business in parallel to the main work activity), Киев (Property and Real Estate Development)



- Drafting and signing of successful 1-3 years lease agreements with foreign embassies, reducing risks of exploitation of residential real estate
- Control over the construction and repair of residential real estate
- Interaction with representatives of the house administration and city services on the issues of restoration
- Negotiations with investors

Result: obtaining a stable monthly income, preserving the architectural heritage of the country.

Designer-illustrator of book projects (internship)

з 07.2001 по 08.2001 (1 місяць)
ARBOR BOOKS Inc. (New York, USA), Publishing House, New York (Publishers and Polygraphy)

Study the process of creating and processing a book, ghostwriting, advertising and marketing of a finished book.

Result: the books I illustrated have been successfully sold on Amazon during more than 15 years.

Examples of my works are here:

Example 1


Example 2


Photo reporter (freelance)

з 01.2000 по 01.2008 (8 років)
"GEO" (Moscow, Russia) International photo agency, Moscow (Internet Media)

Preparation of photo illustrations for various "GEO"projects:


The author of thematic photo projects:"Stylistic design innovation of boutiques in Paris"

The author of the annual photo-reports of the seasonal processes for window decoration of CHANEL, LANVIN, HERMES fashion boutiques on Saint-Honore street in Paris (there are few pics left on Facebook, a lot has already been bought out by publishing houses and photobanks):



"One day of the Cathedral's Life"
(Moscow House of Photography, Russia):



Freelance correspondent of the weekly newspaper "7 + 7ya", (Kiev, Ukraine). Writing articles and shooting photo-reports for "Fashion" and "Travel" columns.

Assistant of the Head of development company (internship)

з 01.2000 по 01.2003 (3 роки)
“Sas La F” (Russia – France / Moscow – Paris), Москва (Property and Real Estate Development)

Company's activity: construction, purchase - sale of foreign real estate to millionaires leaving Russia (up to 20 permanent employees)


- Searching for real estate to purchase
- Control over the construction work on small and medium-sized real estate objects (apartments, offices), collaborating with international specialists
- Negotiations with customers
- Stuff selection
- Creating the strategy of company development
- Cooperating with Mass Media
- Negotiations with investors

Result: investment into own real estate for rent.

Assistant of Creative director (trainee in parallel to English course study)

з 11.1999 по 02.2000 (3 місяці)
Plasmania, Ltd (London, England), London (Retail)

Company's activity: sale of plasma panels / Retail (up to 10 employees)


- Collaborating with mass media
- Spreading information: press releases, articles
- Creating promotion strategy for the company
- Organizing advertising and PR events

Result: british accent, interesting work experience with new technologies and creative people.

Purchaser, development manager (partial distant work in parallel to university studies)

з 05.1998 по 06.2003 (5 років 1 місяць)
“AKVA” llc. (Lugansk), Луганск (Retail)

Activity of the company: wholesale and retail trade in cosmetics and luxury perfume goods (up to 10 employees)


- Monitoring new products and brands in luxury segment on perfume market
- Conducting processes related to the design of storefronts and halls of retail shops
- Communication with representatives of supply companies in the context of visual merchandising
- Supply scheduling

Cooperation with the perfume house "Le Chateau De Frileuse" by Nicolas de Barry (France), specializing in recreating the fragrances used by known historical figures, such as George Sand, Queen Margot, Catherine de Medici and others.

Result: developing family business.


Griboedov Institute of International Law and Economics Moscow

Journalism, Moscow
Вища, з 09.1997 по 06.2002 (4 роки 9 місяців)

Додаткова освіта

  • English language course (Advanced Level of English), London, UK (3 months (November, 1999 - February, 2000)
  • Internship in the publishing house "The Floating Gallery" ARBOR BOOKS Inc. (New York, USA) (2 months (July, 2001 - August, 2001) Study the process of creating and processing a book, ghostwriting, advertising/marketing)

Професійні та інші навички

Навички роботи з комп’ютером
Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Internet, Wordpress, Unisender, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika, 1C, Power Point and other; developing the activity of the company's group in social media (internet).

Знання мов

  • Англійська — просунутий
  • Російська — вільно
  • Українська — середній


  • Alexander Maslov
    Co-owner, manufacturer of women’s winter and demi-season down coats of the lowest price segment, Skype: live:c0fbd491835e9535 (or Alex Maslov Madrid)
  • Oleg Dyadik, www.facebook.com/dez.oleg
    SEO - optimizer, own business, +38(063)223-87-28
  • Andre Mescaline, www.facebook.com/andre.mescaline
    Web-designer, own business, +38 (093) 309-23-97
  • Irina Dyadik, www.facebook.com/irina.belicko
    Owner, www.xresna.in.ua, +38 099 532 57 92

Додаткова інформація

Личные качества:

analytical mindset, good organizational skills, creative thinking, punctuality, readiness for a non-standardized working day.


Увлечения и интересы:
- new technologies
- history
- design

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