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Korotash Dmytro

Зоотехнік, інженер-технолог, 35 000 грн

Полная занятость.

26 лет
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Personal Informations
First name and Surname
Dmytro Korotash

Favstrupvej 106 Haderslev 6100

Phone and email
[открыть контакты](см. выше в блоке «контактная информация»)
[открыть контакты](см. выше в блоке «контактная информация»)


Date of Birth
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Gender (male/female)

Height ( sm)
184 (80kg)


Civil status and children (single/married)

Working experience and education
Education/courses, period, qualifications
In 2006, I started to study in Agricultural College for maintenance and repair of equipment of food production speciality.
From 2010 until 2014 I studied in the University in the Engineering and Technological Faculty for the specialization of the technology of grain processing and grain storage.
09/2016 Novoselytskyi Professional Lyceum of Agriculture ( first course of “Operator in Animals Veterinary Processing")
21.08.2017 SwineSchool “8 hour Basic Course in Handing Veterinary Drugs"

Company name, country, period, main responsibilities
08.2017-10.2018 in Frank Gellert Pig farm, Denmark. My duties include feeding, vaccination, washing rooms, medicine. I have experience in farestald /klimastald/slagtestald. Also I make a lot of deferent repearing work. I know how to work with electricity, mechanical systems.

Other information
Ukrainian, Russian and English (A2)

Driving license
Yes, category B, C. and TM

Describe yourself
I am friendly, kind, handy, responsible, caring, generous, hardworking and purposeful.

Type of farm (pigs, cows, chicken, mink, plants)

Why do you want to work with us?
I think it’s a good way to improve my knowledge at agriculture area and to have communicate with new interesting people. I want to become a part of a good team and make together a best result. I like to make better my professional skills every day. It will be great to have an opportunity to work and live in a new country.

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