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Ochenko Artem

Head of sales and marketing, 34 000 грн

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з 12.2018 по нині (11 місяців)
AgM BG Ltd, Kharkiv (Agribusiness)

.....At last year December I had got company to lead its Commercial Department and to launch export sales.

So,there was company's shareholder idea - to export non industrial commodities ( beans, chickpea, corriander, flaxseed, lupin), there company website wasn't even, so, it was idea and not big promotion budget....in the team what I got wasn't manager having working English. The managers ,including company CEO hadn't its LinkedIn pages....
.....In 7 months our team could make contract with leading Germany spices producer.

So, my records about:...... I with IT company made company website, I made a lot for design and its business logic , implemented there internal CRM ....it was big new - commodities traders ignore sales automation.

Organized colobaration between sales team , procurement and logistic managers.
Made personal brand management for company founder.

Created new sales tools :
"PM for agro traders"
"Supply chain management for food producers"
"Commercial Cooperation for commodities trade"
"Eco farming - eco partnership"
Created Map of sales

My job functions:

Organization sales management and marketing in company.
Hiring employees , creation of motivation for them
Negotiations with buyers.

Now I am looking for new job in Odessa ,cause family issues.

Marketing Director

з 03.2017 по 12.2018 (1 рік 9 місяців)
Mitteco, Kharkiv (Industrial design)

"Mitteco" is Ukrainian-Croatian company provides with services of industrial design for steel making plants.

My job function was create new marketing strategy to expand company activity at African markets.

Project Manager

з 03.2015 по 10.2016 (1 рік 7 місяців)
Green agro Ukraine Ltd, Kharkiv (Agribusiness)

The company exported commodities for bioethalon production in EU countries
My job was connected with the building of plant for bioethalon production in Ukraine ( it was strategic decision of company shareholders)
It included
*Preparation of corporate tender for plant building. Tender's rules creation
*The finding contractor for plant building among leading industrial design studios in EU
*Supporting company's shareholders interests in negotiations with applicants
*Creation bp for different stages of projects

Director of sales

з 10.2009 по 05.2012 (2 роки 7 місяців)
"MashTjagh", Ras el Kham (IT)

Creation of and managment with Sales department ( 4 sales managers under managment )
Our company provides with IT outsourcing services for start up and companies from "smart energy" industry.
Tech staff was in Kiev and Sales Department what I've created and led was in Emirates.

My main job functions:
*Hiring managers
*Motivation plan creation
*Handling of active sales
*Forecasting of sales
*Budgeting and management of marketing activity regarding to Emirates and GCC market
*Preparation company to exhibitions and conferences
*Hiring designers and other marketers for company promotion including contracting of digital marketing experts
* Coordinating work between tech stuff and sales team ( operational managment)

Sales manager

з 10.2004 по 11.2009 (5 років 1 місяць)
Ostah Equipment, Kyiv (Industrial Automation)

The company produced hardware and software for energy industry mainly ( smart energy )
Its equipment and soft were actively used under modernization of electric power stations, solid fuel power stations.
My job functions included sales management and marketing.

Sales management.
Carrying out active sales ( negotiations, show roads, account management).

*Competitive market analysis
* Soft commercial offer preparation regarding to concrete company products and solutions ( it was about 10 to the date)
*market data getting for email marketing campaigns
* Preparation of company to expositions mainly in EU
*Supporting gusts' visits at company and handling its negotiations with company tech staff
*Preparation of marketing materials ( hiring designers for it).

Next to company tech staff work under tech improvement of company products using company buyers feedbacks and will.


Turun, University of Turku ( Finland)

Economic school, advertising techs., Tampere/ Turku
Вища, з 07.2004 по 05.2008 (3 роки 10 місяців)

Interuniversity program between Tampere university & Turku university was focused at advertising management ( please watch more below)

Додаткова освіта

"Cartier " Advertising strategies and digital marketing (2012, 1 week)

Професійні та інші навички

  • International sales (7 років досвіду)
    Вільно, використовую в даний час.
  • International marketing (7 років досвіду)
    Вільно, використовую в даний час.
  • Sales management (9 років досвіду)
    Вільно, використовую в даний час.
  • Project Management (3 роки досвіду)
    Вільно, 3 роки тому.
  • Trade with agriculture commodities (4 роки досвіду)
    Вільно, використовую в даний час.
  • Agribusiness (4 роки досвіду)
    Вільно, використовую в даний час.
  • Advertising Management (8 років досвіду)
    Вільно, використовую в даний час.

Знання мов

  • Англійська — вільно
  • Французька — середній

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