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Нимец Владислав

Logistics Manager

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38 років

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Досвід роботи

Head of Logistics Dept.

з 04.2011 по нині (8 років 8 місяців)
PROFITEX Group Company, Киев (HoReCa Area)

Main responsibilities:

•In charge of department (import/export activities + inland deliveries) with subordinates both in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and the Baltics (introduction and control of KPI performance) with emphasis on setting, planning and control of tasks fulfillment as well as on the coordination of the departments’ co-operation;
Destination countries: Ukraine, the Customs Union, CIS countries
•Control of uninterrupted supply and shortest possible goods transit per optimal route from the order placement stage till it is accounted
•Cooperation with more than 150 suppliers dealing in:
- equipment (professional laundry/kitchen eq-nt).
- textiles
- detergents for professional laundries,
- accessories
- spare parts
•Negotiating with suppliers on best possible and profitable commercial terms for the company (discounts, payment delays, bonuses etc.)
•Calculation of final imported goods value /analysis and optimization of logistic costs, choosing a most cost-effective mode of import delivery (road, rail, air, sea and courier as well as multimodal routes)
•Stock segment supply planning based on product turnover, sales forecast and suppliers' production plans
•Planning a monthly payment budget based on plan of orders and control of payments to suppliers.
•Control of in-time customs clearance of imported/exported cargos
•Organization of efficient use and optimization of storage space;
•Monitoring and search of partners providing forwarding and clearance services
•Cooperation with customs brokers and licensing authorities (EU, Ukraine, the CIS countries). Permanent monitoring of new companies/tariffs
•Control of Claims activities with Suppliers
•Concluding Supply Contracts with suppliers, as well as Agreements with forwarding and brokerage companies
•Control of availability of all permission documents needed for all product groups
•Hiring and training personnel, preparation of job description including for the branches outside Ukraine.
•Organization of the department internal work: discussion of plans, reports, holding short meetings with the department employees.

Head of Import Dept

з 02.2008 по 04.2011 (3 роки 2 місяці)
Holding company «Golden Mandarin», Kiev (sanitary ware, furniture, building materials, souvenirs)

Position: Head of Import Dept
Main responsibilities:
•Preparation and control of monthly budget and payment plan as well as control of timely submitting invoices for payments
•Order placement and checking up the proformas.
•Monitoring the competitors’ prices, discussing discounts, bonus programs and exclusivity rights with suppliers.
•Deliveries follow-up including:
1.Monitoring and cooperation with forwarders offering best price-to-quality ratio;
2.Choosing the most cost-effective route (road/sea/air)
3.Planning of shipments schedule / tracing it in transit
•Prior calculation of the final value of the imported goods
•Cooperation with the customer broker, preparation of the set of documents needed for clearance. Permanent monitoring of new companies / tariffs, Control of timely payments to the Customs House
•Control of Claims activities, warranty deliveries
•Accounting and entering the goods on the stock
•Control of Contract Validities
•Looking for new suppliers, visiting factories and exhibitions in China
•Hiring and training the personnel, preparation of job descriptions
•Experience of personal filling in import declarations, clearing the goods at the customs

Head of Supply Chain Dept

з 02.2007 по 02.2008 (1 рік)
JSC «Venta», Kiev (HoReCa Area)

•Procurement planning and making up a budget (raw materials/ packaging and accessories), followed by Report “Plan – Fact”
•Placing orders for import, control of deliveries.
•Analysis of purchasing prices (on the basis of previous month/year data).
•Control of procurement plans of the purchasing managers
•Stock control of the strategic products
•Control of deliveries schedule observance
•Control of cost-effective use of the company vehicles
•Control of contract validity with Suppliers and Customers
•Monitoring of Suppliers (search of reserve suppliers of goods and services)
•Analysis and evaluation of suppliers.
•Control of invoices payments and debts management with suppliers.
•Control of the warehouse activities (observance of the order of goods storing in the warehouse, storage conditions, correct receiving and dispatching procedures incl. availability of all relevant shipment documents)
•Control of the in-time warehouse reporting (incl. reports on the stock balance and undispatched orders)
•Inventories (together with book-keeping dept) .
•Preparing report on «Immovable raw materials» and offering suggestions on its utilization.
•Organization of the department internal work: discussion of plans, reports, holding short meetings with the department employees.

Foreign trade manager

з 07.2005 по 02.2007 (1 рік 7 місяців)
JSC «Venta», Kiev (HoReCa Area)

•Order placements and preparation of documents for importing following goods:
1.Raw materials;
2.Restaurant furniture and equipment
3.Production equipment and accessories.
•Concluding supply contracts .
•In charge of the business correspondence in the company (English-, German speaking partners), translating and interpreting (on culinary, technical, law, economic, marketing fields etc).
•Business trips abroad:
1.Visiting exhibitions/accompanying directors (Germany, Austria, France, Bekgium).
2.In charge of projects related to cooperation with foreign partners and introduction of the up-to-date experience and new technologies in production .


з 07.2003 по 07.2005 (2 роки)
JSC «Venta», Kiev (HoReCa Area)

•Written and spoken translations on culinary, technical, law, economic, marketing fields etc (English, German).
•Translation during negotiations, accompanying directors abroad
•Reviewing, summarizing and analysis of the specialized periodicals
•Accompanying foreign specialists during their visits to the local production facilities.


Kiev National Linguistic Univercity

English Language Department, English and German as majors, Kiev
Вища, з 09.1998 по 06.2003 (4 роки 9 місяців)

the English language Department (English and German as majors), full time student, graduated with honors.

Additional knowledge:
September 2007 – October 2007
Managerial course "Events and personnel management"

September 2006 – December 2006
The economy course of the German language for advanced level (Marktwirtschaftskommunikation) at the Goethe-Institute.

Професійні та інші навички

Навички роботи з комп’ютером
•PC skills (Word, Excel, 1С (7.7 and 8.0), Photoshop, PowerPoint, E-mail, Internet).
•Good knowledge of Microsoft Teams, ERP, Trello and SMARTSHEET.

Знання мов

  • Англійська — вільно
  • Німецька — вище середнього

Додаткова інформація

•Full lead of project orders, starting from order placements to on-time deliveries of professional kitchen and laudnry equipement, textiles etc for top-level HoReCa venues and sites both in Ukraine and the CIS such as: hotels Hilton, Ramada Encore, Mirotel, Premier Palace, Park Inn, Holiday Inn, Marriott, Mercure, Verba Mayr, Axelhof, Continental, Yalta-Inturist, Aquamarine, Shakhtar Plaza, Victoria, NSC "Olimpiyskiy" for EURO 2012, chains Wog, Lukoil and plenty of other laundry and restaurant chains as well as health and spa resorts

•Profound knowledge of the current customs law as well as permission documents in Ukraine, EU, the Customs Union

•Profound expertise in import/export activities with different complexity level, successful experience in the sphere of both transport and warehousing logistics

•Procurement Planning and Management

•Experience of filling in customs declarations (QDPro), clearance of goods at customs terminal, determination of HS codes.

•A big database of forwarding and customs clearance companies (Ukraine, EU, the Customs Union) as well as consolidation warehouses in the regions.mentioned above

•Strong command of the business correspondence etiquette.

•I consider it a personal achievement to have attracted and constantly updated a pool of transport companies enabling to significantly reduce the cost of transporting cargos in all countries that are in the area of responsibility

•Proficient manager and a “team player” of any project, process. Knowledge of accounting documents, the fundamentals of budgeting, the principles of placing goods in a warehouse

•Driving license: Category “B”

•Ready for business trips

Command of the languages:
•Ukrainian - native
•Russian - native
•English - fluent/advanced
•German - good.

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