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Customer support representative, chat agent

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Контактна інформація

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My goal is to present any company /work environment with quality services and innovative actions or ideas that promote growth
of the company and therefore myself and to leave an outstanding progressive record on every assignment or duty executed.


Citizens disability 2018 - 2022
Supervisor : Human resource manager/Customer service Representative
2 years of customer service in Medical records team for the reputable U.S based insurance company (Citizens disability).

•I took down call logs and medical records history of disabled U.S citizens registered for the company service
•I supervised merch provided for welfare via Outsource global
•I made and received over 100 outbound and inbound calls daily to medical care providers of this disabled clients to process
their medical records for disability claim

• I also was opportuned to be oriented on Salesforce during the course of my job

• I reached out to registered clients via provided emails and messenger chat ID to know about their well being , respond to their
inquiry messages and remind them of their scheduled appointment date , this facilitated an empathetical relationship between
the company and these clients to help them understand that we care much about their wellbeing and satisfaction.

E-core Services 2019 - 2021
Call agent operator
Ecore services , a solid remote team management that provides B2B data services , data verification and business leads to
promote efficiency for companies and improve consumer interest for a products and services .
In my experience , as a call agent operator
• I made several calls to registered contact of the Company to confirm their profiled details , book appointments and also
indulge their interest in ongoing sales of services and products provided by the company.

• I also was opportuned to be oriented on Bitrix24 during the course of my job

• I responded to customer inquiry emails and cheerfully provided them the best reasonable solutions.

the joy I felt in solving difficult cases is immeasurable!

Insurance Supermarket International (ISI) 2021
Customer care representative/Qualifier/call agent
Insurance supermarket International (ISI) is a Canadian financial services company operating in Ontario , Canada . We provide
full spectrum of personal protection and investment products to serve the needs of our clients.

I made and received over 300 outbound and inbound calls daily to potential leads/client who requested a quote for a life
insurance policy assisting them in getting qualified for this information and sending them over to a licensed advisor to provide
them their quotes.

Attached to my CV is
docmuneted proof of
commendment and
achievement from my
team leaders and top
supervisor with
congratulations to my

Outsource global 2018 - 2022
Call agent representative
Outsource global is a multinational company. My role as a call agent representative at outsource global cut across making and
receiving calls from clients and customers ensuring their Personal record details are accurate and their medical health care
needs and questions are answered and catered for to the best of knowledge, as well as taking refrence notes during every call

Aldos Gym & Restaurant 2017 - 2019
Gym instructor /Fitness-wellness coach
I worked part time, made calls to intending and current members of the Gym to take down notes of their medical records as
well as engage them in therapy sessions

Increase customer satisfaction by facilitating maintainance of equipments

Maintained social media and online sources for recent equipment trends

The Hub Ninja 2017
Team coordinator/ Manager ; Marketing/Customer service

Government science technical college 2013
University of Abuja 2018
Ohio Gym club 2018
Fitness coaching aptitude test/Physical health education

CRM software oriented : Salesforce , Bitrix24
Good command of English with a U.S / U.K accent
Ms-word and Ms-excel oriented
Excellent typing skills
Excellent Communication skill and conflict resolution
Team management
Hand to Hand Combat specialist (Trained kickboxer & Taekwondo)
Yoga / physiotherapy massage


Emmanuel Akor
Outsource global
customer care representative
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