Bibo Global Opportunity

Вакансия от 10 декабря 2018

Online English Tutor

18500 грн. Average salary is up to 18500

Bibo Global Opportunity
Образование, наука; 250–1000 сотрудников
Место работы:
вулиця Бульварно-Кудрявська, 35; 1,8 км от центра
Вид занятости:
удаленная работа, готовы взять студента, готовы взять человека с инвалидностью

Описание вакансии


Bibo Global Opportunity, Inc. It is a language of fun and innovative ways of language learning.


Bibo Global Opportunity, Inc. It is a school of law. The school is a curriculum of study and communicative competence.


It’s a question of how to teach you what it’s like or not. wants to tie up with the school.

Likewise, Listening and Speaking Skills, Grammar and Vocabulary, or IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC.

Moreover, it is also a school of study and training methods.

Finally, Bibo Global Opportunity, Inc. It is a very good way to learn ESL tutors. We offer our clients a chance to help them. Restrictions or restrictions. We always invest in our employees, we have 6000+ tutors from 102+ countries to prove that.

We are looking for:

Online English Tutors

Work from Home (part-time / full-time)


• Apply online in English

• Provide home-based English lessons using Skype

• You need a number of hours.

• 1-on-1 classes

• It’s a great deal.

• Our tutors are constantly fully booked!


• 18 years old and above

• Quiet working environment

Technical Requirements:

• Reliable and high-speed internet connection at home (at least 0.5 Mbps)

• Laptop / Desktop computer

• webcam

• Headset / Earphones

Required skills:

• Excellent command of English language

• Computer literate

• Willing to work in a quiet working environment (this is a home-based tutoring position)

We offer:

• Training

• Monthly incentive

• Weekend incentives

• Yearly Awards

• Active Tutor Support Program

• 24/7 Operation Support

• Bonuses

• Chance to get promoted


• Average salary for our tutors is $ 650 a month

Other info:

• Your stress-free job.

• You can work 24 hours a day.

• Lesson materials are fully provided. Conduct every class of materials, it’s not necessary to create your lesson plan.

• Real-time tutor support

• Get paid on time! Payout is the 20th of the month

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