Goracio, branding agency

Вакансия от 26 ноября 2020

IT-рекрутер, HR-менеджер

18 000 – 27 000 грн
ЗП зависит от принятых на работу соискателей

Goracio, branding agency
Маркетинг, реклама, PR; 10–50 сотрудников

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Полная занятость, удаленная работа. Опыт работы от 2 лет. Высшее образование.

Описание вакансии

Our client Emyoli (Israel) https://emyoli.com — One of the Top Mobile App and Software Development Companies Now Emioly need Recruiter for remote work.

Job Description:

As a Recruiter you will be leading full-cycle recruitment (forming the text of the vacancy, their publication, search for candidates, maintaining a database of resumes, conducting interviews, providing feedback, etc.).


  • Experience of 2 years as an IT Recruiter.
  • Knowledge of the full cycle of recruitment
  • Ability to close vacancies in a timely and high-quality manner.
  • Ability to work simultaneously with several different vacancies
  • English — upper Intermediate.
  • Possession of modern methods of searching for IT staff, knowledge of the main sources of search.
  • Attention to detail, focus on results.

Business conditions Evi Rachmilewitz, owner Emioly:

In terms of commercial relationship with HR, what I offer is :

1. For full time position I pay 1,500 USD, half on the 25th of the month of signing the agreement and 2nd half on the 25th of next month from signing the agreement.

2. For hourly position, I pay 5 USD per every hour dev worked until we get to 1,000 USD commission. and again same time frame for payments, meaning payment on the 25th of every month. Example

Dev worked 100 hour in Sept 2020. I pay the HR 100 times 5 USD on Oct 25th == 500 USD, 500 USD left to pay the HR.

HR will get from me hourly reports of the dev so they can follow the logged hours and know how much they should be paid.

3. I am looking for full time devs in different stacks at about 3,000 USD for full time monthly salary and hourly devs at about 20 USD hourly rate.

4. Like I wrote, I have many opportunities, all the time. HR that works fast and gives me the candidates I need, will make good business with me.

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