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Eris system

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Eris is a software development company which works with it’s clients to develop creative, flexible support plans designed to fulfill the needs of organizations.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality support services. We provide support for a wide variety of custom business software, operating systems, hardware, and technology platforms. Our dedicated support team is committed throughout the life cycle of your project. Our mission is to support you in the software design, software development, and implementation of your project. Since we have been with you throughout the entire process, we truly understand your needs and tailor our support services accordingly.

Eris System was founded on the principle that we must focus on our customer’s business needs. With us, customer satisfaction is a passion. We believe this commitment to our customers will ultimately be our greatest asset and most significant contributor to our long-term success.

Eris System is committed to continuous improvement. We operate an extensive research program to identify innovations and technologies to enable us to relentlessly improve the quality of our product.

Our developers and support team work directly with customers to ensure innovative product design and rapid problem solving. Flexibility and extendibility are among our core software design principles, creating elegant and cost-effective solutions that work in the real world. We believe that first class services are vital. We know that customers have different approaches to testing and we provide tailored services from simple tool support to managed testing services. We are committed to realistic costs and sensible licensing we wish to build long term relationships with customers who continue to benefit from our solutions.


  • Outsourcing

Eris system provides outsourcing services which possesses an experienced and highly qualified group of specialists that supplies with a broad range of offshore IT outsourcing services, testing services and innovative solutions chiefly focused on Java & Mobile application development.

Eris system also provides Web development services. Our team of Web development unites the achievements of skillful experts in e-commerce software development, Web portals and online communities. We have gained significant knowledge base in such domains as Java software development since we march in step with leading IT trends.

  • Consulting

To add value to client businesses, we offer strategic consulting services meeting the enterprise objective of sustainable growth with a competition edge. We suggest latest technology solutions and industry tested practices with our expertise. Our industry insight and experience has lead us to structure our consultancy solutions in such a way that reduces operational cost, increases customer satisfaction, adds competitive differentiation, enables transformation to the client business processes and operations.

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