Vayner Systems

Размер компании:
10–50 сотрудников

Company Mission:

Transform the world’s business andindustrial operations into smarter, more economical and efficient, ergo moreenvironmental solutions through the use of technology. By leveraging the brainpower of carefully chosen scientists, software and computer and electrical andmechanical engineers, and other professionals, Company will create solutions to automate existing processes and remove waste from the act of conductingbusiness. Using Internet of Things enabled sensors, actuators and otherdevices, connected to cloud systems, Company will provide cutting edge, costsaving and environmentally friendly solutions.

Core Values:

Honesty — Every relationship is built on trust. From personal to professional, a party should feel comfortable knowing the other party is trustworthy and will care for the party’s best interests. Our core values are all derived from honesty as our foundation.

Transparency — it is easy for a team of one to be opaque enough for no one else to know what the state of a product, project, task or any other process might be at the time. To ensure that with any size our organization takes, we provide full transparency of every action, accomplishment, mistake and goal. This starts with each individual and works for each team, department and the company as a whole. If honest conversations about direction, focus, achievement or drawback can occur naturally, the company and its clients will benefit.

Customer Focus — We exist because of our customers. It is their need for new, creative and efficient solutions that gives us life. We always put the customer first. If there is a question that needs to be answered, the first thought should be «how will this impact our customers».

Visionary — ideas come at different times to different people. Some are great, some are not, and some require refinement. Company is an environment where ideas are to be discussed, nourished like a child and given chance to evolve. In following this practice, Company should lead in creative ideas, not follow the status quo.

Dedication — working hours are a great idea to balance the work and family time of each individual. Healthy (mind and body) team members are required to provide the optimal results, and so we stay dedicated to our employees. In the same light, our employees understand that our customer may have a need that occurs outside of work hours and our team, from top to bottom, all work when necessary as necessary to ensure our client’s success.

Fortitude — the road to success is riddled with barricades, land mines and enemies — physical or otherwise. Company will always march forward to its goal, dealing with each obstacle as required and forging the path to victory.

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