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50–250 сотрудников

We founded Ukraine Finance Partners (RUFP) because Ukraine provides a broad, attractive range of investment opportunities, for large and small investors alike.

We believe that Ukraine today is no different than where Italy, Mexico, and Swiss stood years ago, immediately after their respective crises. Keys to recovery emerging market crises have typically included aid packages, currency devaluation, political change and economic reform — all underway in Ukraine.

Furthermore, we find that Ukraine has achieved significant progress over the past two years. Its accomplishments include the holding of free and fair elections, restructuring its debt, concluding and holding to an IMF agreement, cleansed its banking system, reformed its energy sector and established new (and heretofore effective) investors rights protections. The conflict with Russia has also significantly ameliorated.

RUFP focuses on sourcing harder to find, less publicizes and asymmetric risk / reward opportunities.

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