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InCity -it is a team of associates, who joined with the aim to make this world simpler.

It is a team of professionals in different branches: management, internet-marketing, software developers, design.

Our main value — freedom and automation! It is said not in vain, that the human must work to live, but not live to work! For us personally the freedom means to automate almost all the work!

Our team consists of some dozens of people. Everybody has numerous successful projects in the portfolios. We gained the confidence of more than 100 partners from different branches, and it is worth saying: it is not the end!

In 2008 we founded the advertisement agency «INCITY» and provided only some advertisement services in the internet. Now our stuff proposed services connected with planning, software development and support, we form the environment of experts in the branch of programming, projecting, configurations management, quality and project management technologies.

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