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Financial security is a priority at Nomad Consulting. We help you across a variety of financial services, especially in credit consultation. Whether you’re in need of opening a reliable savings or checking account, investing in the stock market, establishing valuable retirement plans, securing dependable insurance policies, seeking expert income tax management or even obtaining financing in the U.S.A.—at Nomad Consulting, we assist you in all your financial concerns. We provide many business-related issues to help you with your company in the U.S. Are you in need of corporate card insurance? What about company incorporation? Rest assured we take care of everything. We also cover U.S.-based business development, staffing, accounting, and finding health benefits for your employees. Furthermore, we can even setting up a virtual office with mail forward and professional answering service. We are here to help you with everything you need to make your company effective and competitive in the American marketplace.

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