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Founded by designer Artem Gryshchenko and couture pattern cutter Victor Victorov, ORTTU is a clothing brand for the lifestyle of today’s self-conscious man.

It’s for those who seek balance in our world of extremes, who find inner peace in the chaos of modern life, who can cut through complexity to find simplicity, and who want to express it in their style as well as their lifestyle.

An awakened fashion brand, ORTTU brings together quality fabric and construction with color palettes and silhouettes that are both contemporary and timeless.

«When you wear something simple,» says Artem, «people can see the person.»

That’s the essence of ORTTU: Clothing that inspires compliments and style that reflects and represents who you are deep down.

It’s about authenticity. Because ORTTU is for those who know that we’re all connected. For those who focus on the possible and accentuate the good. Who live in the moment and believe in the future. And for those who believe in the body and the soul — in beauty on the inside as well as the outside.

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