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Melior Games, LLC

Melior Games, LLC



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Melior Games Studios is an International company, founded in Ukraine, and is a leading innovator in the interactive entertainment sector.Our main goal is to create a rich and compelling end user experience, and games that will be at the forefront of what is currently considered possible.

One of our mottos is to be completely independent, and to develop unique and innovative ideas, regardless of the consequences — if a game won’t be interesting, it isn’t worth bothering with. So far we have developed everything ranging from 2D arcade games, to 3D top down shooters, to multiplayer strategy games, and even a 3D dog racing simulator!

Founded in 2010, in those few short years we have led the iPhone and Android games markets when it comes to quality gameplay and amazing game visuals. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we prefer to use well proven core technologies. Our use of the Unity3D game engine allows us to create quality content for a variety of platforms and seamlessly switch between them, instead of having to re-create a game from scratch.

Our company consists entirely of people who actually enjoy making games — only that can lead to a truly inspired game that will be fun to play and enjoy.

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