Smartphoneware PE

Контактное лицо:
Igor Pchelko
067 481 83 86

Private enterprise Smartphoneware was founded in 2005 and it is based in Odessa, Ukraine. 

Today Smartphoneware is established as one of the largest developers on the mobile software market. Our software engineers have already developed more than two hundred various software solutions available for end users and businesses worldwide. With our experience, innovative ideas, award-winning technologies and software we push the boundaries of the mobile market and make our software solutions stand out from the products of competitors. 

Our products such as Tracker, Stacker, Full Screen Caller, Blacklist and many others began to pick up various awards very soon after their launch, and stay among the most highly acclaimed products on the market. We have something for every user and our software is currently running on millions of user devices around the globe.

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