Pomex ltd


Pomex Group Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in 2014 as a trading company which currently supplies Russian and Saudi refined Petroleum products Worldwide, being the only official export sales unit of OJSC Rosneft Moscow refinery MP Nefteprodukt. In the 20 year history of OJSC Rosneft, We are the first company to ever export product and have sole export capability for this refinery. However exclusive our agreement is to export Rosneft product, we are also able to offer similar products from various countries and companies, Saudi Arabian Petromin, as a prime example.

A new project started in January of 2014, supplying specialized lubricants and greases via Djibouti into the countries of Eastern Africa, signified the new era of Rosneft products being used outside of the country. Our partners in Africa have been operating a successful automotive business in Djibouti and Somaliland and have a wide range of business contacts in governmental and non-governmental organizations.

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