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SKyPRO Ukraine Ltd.

SKyPRO, a Swiss based firm, founded in 1987 and based in Cham, near Zurich. SKyPRO is a software manufacturer and provides software products and custom programming in the areas of Novell applications and Identity Management.

SKyPRO’s Software products and services are designed to add unified communication capabilities to GroupWise. Our Products help to lower communications costs and increase employee productivity and convenience. They enable cost effective voice, fax and SMS communication all from GroupWise.

SKyPRO is a Novell shop and GroupWise user right from the beginning. Producing software Add-Ons for GroupWise we are committed to support the GroupWise community in any way we can. SKyPRO is sponsoring GW-User Groups all over the world and takes part at all major GroupWise events. Our Offices are in Switzerland, the Ukraine, and in the United States. Whenever a GroupWise friend wants to visit us, we will be more than happy to show them around!

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