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Building And Trades Quantity Estimating are experienced quantity estimators we believe in what we do and believe that we can help others to make our busy life more simple. We specialised in all sorts of quantity estimations for services all trades such as painting, rendering, plasterboard and plastering trades, tiling, interiors and fitout, carpentry and joinery, electrical services, mechanical services, bricklaying and block laying, and many more. Call us if you require any help with quantities for tenders, quotes, trade estimations, tender packages, and any other estimating requirements. If you tired make quotes for big amount of tender invintations if you don’t have enough time and you think you can better spend time for manage processes in your company. We would like to offer for you service estimations of surface area for ceilings, walls, windows and doors, perimeter for obtaining information how much paint, gyprock, plaster, bricks, tile, concrete and all materials you’ll have to use in your future project or if you attended in Tender. We do estimations for industrial, commercial, and domestic buildings of any scale. Attention for details and high quality of work that meets your budget and criteria. We help you to quickly give a quote for the customer. We creating long term win-win partnership and ready provide all day service (24 hours) via e-mail (pdf, word, excel files) depend when you need quote for your future projects.

  • Estimations SAVE your TIME when you give QUOTEs or attended in TENDER.
  • Estimates are great for any project including renovations. Your estimate is break down into each trade so you can keep on top of your subcontractors and suppliers. A very detailed yet simple layout makes it easy for anyone to follow.
  • Home extensions and additions are a budgeting nightmare if you are not prepared. Let Building and trades quantity estimation guide you through the project with a detailed estimate and construction program.

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