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Подмогильный Кирилл Юрьевич

Lawyer (IP)

Полная занятость, неполная занятость, удаленная работа.

30 лет

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Опыт работы

Member of Public organization

с 10.2015 по 10.2018 (3 года)
“Progressive citizens of Ukraine”, Kyiv (Public organization)

•Participate in civil-law relations, obtain property and non-property rights;
•Represent and protect organization legitimate interests and legitimate interests of their members (participants) in state and public bodies;
•Conduction of mass events (meetings, rallies, demonstrations, etc.);
•Ideologically, organizationally and materially support other non-governmental public organizations, provide assistance in their creation;
•To receive information from the bodies of state power and administration and local self-government that is necessary for the realization of organization goals and tasks;
•Make proposals to the authorities and management;
•Disseminate information and promote organization ideas and goals.

The Legal Counsel of legal department

с 08.2015 по наст. время (4 года 4 месяца)
"National Research Center for Radiation Medicine of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine'', Kyiv (State Institution)

•Preparation of legal documents (analytical notes, lawsuits, powers of attorney, certificates, claims, contracts, etc.);
•Advising clients and employees of the company on legal issues;
•Representation of interests of the company and its clients in court, state bodies and organizations;
•Analysis of judicial practice and legal analytics;
•Analysis of legislation to resolve issues;
•Preparation of documents for registration of law in different areas of legal relations;
•Analysis of legislation and preparation of a package of documents;

Property appraiser for tax purposes

с 08.2013 по 04.2014 (8 месяцев)
“Professional assessment of property”, Kyiv (property valuation for tax purposes)

•Conduct peer evaluation activity to establish the market value of a property;
•Identify the need for property valuation services;
•Establishment of business contacts and negotiations with customers in order to conduct work on the valuation of the property;
•Conclusion and registration of contracts in the prescribed form;
•Preparation of a written report on the work performed and its timely delivery to the customer;
•Display the report data source and content of the methods used for the full interpretation of the results of the assessment;
•Consult the customer about the existing legislation, regulatory, legal documents and other relevant laws which is used for assessing.

Sales manager

с 10.2010 по 07.2013 (2 года 9 месяцев)
“ToyLand”, Kyiv (trading)

•Carrying of negotiations with foreign head office, conclusion of commercial agreements;
•Discussion, preparation and placement of orders with companies and dealers;
•Work with existing clients' base;
•Handling of the warehouse;
•Work with office equipment and computers;
•Appointment and conduct of meetings;
•Search and maintenance of advertisers;
•Work with advertising agencies and large direct clients;
•Research needs and requests of advertisers.

Manager Assistant of foreign exhibition relations

с 08.2008 по 09.2010 (2 года 1 месяц)
“ACCO international”, Kyiv (exhibition activities)

•Carrying of negotiations with foreign companies, conclusion of commercial agreements;
•Discussion, preparation and placement of orders with foreign companies;
•Work with existing clients' base;
•Handling of the warehouse;
•Work with office equipment and computers;
•Business correspondence


KNEU (Kiev National Economic University)

Law faculty, Kyiv
Высшее, с 09.2011 по 10.2012 (1 год 1 месяц)

Master’s degree in Law

KNEU (Kiev National Economic University)

Law faculty, Kyiv
Высшее, с 09.2007 по 06.2011 (3 года 9 месяцев)

Bachelor’s degree in Law

Foreign Languages Klovsky Lyceum №77

Среднее, с 09.1996 по 09.2007 (11 лет)

Дополнительное образование

  • "SkillUp" - center for training IT professionals ( Courses of Software Testers) Examination and in-depth study of the direction (May 2017 – August 2017)
  • LSE (The London School of English) Examination for: Intermediate level (September 2005 - June 2006)
  • LSE (The London School of English) Examination for: Upper-Intermediate level (September 2006 - June 2007)

Профессиональные и другие навыки

Навыки работы с компьютером
Comfortable with Windows, Mac;
experience in grey-box testing;
experience in manual testing;
experience in web project testing;
experience in developing of QA documentation;
understanding of software development life cycles and bug life cycle;
good knowledge in QA theory;
familiar with web technology HTML, CSS;
basic in SQL;
experience in JIRA;

Знание языков

  • Французский — начинающий
  • Английский — продвинутый
  • Украинский — свободно
  • Русский — свободно


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