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Problem Solving Person, Project Manager, CTO, Scrum Master, Product Owner, 120 000 грн

Полная занятость, неполная занятость, удаленная работа.

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Днепр, Львов, Одесса

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Опыт работы

Problem Solving Person (Project Manager, Technology Officer, Scrum Master, Product Owner)

с 01.2005 по наст. время (14 лет)

- 10+ years (since 2005) of experience and expertise in mobile, gaming, gambling, high performance, financial (advance / loans, decision-making, artificial intelligence, mathematical analysis, big data), healthcare, telecommunication and electronic business domains
- Participated in 15+ projects. 10 of them from scratch to the successful end
- Manage 10+ people within 3 teams
- Active communications with 15+ people
- 6 years (since 2009) with Agile Scrum
- Certified Scrum Master
- Сhallenge driven person



ИТ, Киев
Высшее, с 01.1995 по 01.2004 (9 лет)

Certified ScrumMaster
Prohect Management certificate by Project Management Institute

Дополнительная информация

I am challenge driven person.
I could be helpful for you if:
1. You feel or understand that something wrong with your process, product or service which you provide for customer. Symptoms: bad product quality, overtimes, unhappy customers, team members are looking for new job, you are not able to plan release keep it under control.
2. You have already completed root cause analysis and found issues with Quality, Process or Engineering practices.
3. You want to have onboard person who has fun from wide list of activities and responsibility, able to make decision based on previous research, provide tactic and strategy approaches with good balance between them.

I am able to cooperate with you on part-time / full-time basis.

Also you can find my CV in pdf format by below link: http://goo.gl/m05EKj

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