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Financial and Economic Analyst (project managing)

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Опыт работы

Financial Analyst

с 09.2017 по наст. время (1 год 2 месяца)
DIY trading

• Implementing of the full cycle of the budgeting process with financial responsibility center based planning, with the ability to combine operational management with financial management in a plan-fact format .
• Organizing preparatory and consulting structural and sales units about budgets (OPEX and CAPEX); preparing the company's consolidated budget.
• Managing financial accounting process.
• Preparing trading company' CF, organizing and maintenig effective budgetary control, with the determining "overbudget" causes and the implementing appropriate measures in a timely manner.
• Analyzing the company's activities, including profit factor analysis, current profitability monitoring in the context of SKU groups and sales channels.
• Analyzing the implementation of the sales channels' sales plan, calculating their break-even points and current profitability.
• Participating in the company's sales planning process, preparing annual sales plans in the context of the company's SKU assortment, incl. in terms of sales channels.
• Participating in development of the chain planning model in accordance with the company's strategy (taking into account the order leverage, safety stock, stock turnover, etc.), planning of purchases by SKU assortment and suppliers, forecasting "stock-out".
• Analyzing and controlling receivables and payables, and their turnover (in terms of SKU assortment).

Project manager, project's economic analyst

с 04.2016 по 05.2017 (1 год 1 месяц)
Private company (unofficial temporary position), Kyiv region (Privat)

Temporary positions as a project manager and economic analyst of its projects.

Senior Specialist, Retail Sales Department (after liquidation of the Department of Regional Network)

с 12.2014 по 08.2015 (8 месяцев)
PJSB “SBERBANK”, Kyiv (Financial Sector)

Transferred to an equivalent position due to the liquidation of the Department of Regional Network Development from 12.2014 and transfer of its functions to the Retail Sales Department

Additional responsibilities:
•Document preparation for the NBU in case of opening / relocation/ closure of branches;
•Making and supporting action plans for branch closures;
•Preparation and update of technical specifications (TOR) for creating/ upgrading application software (in SAP ERP5),
•Participating in functionality testing in SAP ERP5; participated in transition testing to SAP EHP7

Head of Project Management, Department of the Regional Network Development

с 02.2010 по 11.2014 (4 года 9 месяцев)
PJSB “SBERBANK”, Kyiv (Financial Sector)

•Managing network development projects according to the agreed schedule to achieve established goals (project planning, monitoring staff and team performance, coordinating work of involved departments; highlighting reports, risk logs, requests for change etc).
•Carrying out financial analysis assignments and reports of region branch network, including sales analysis.
•Monitoring and analyzing activities of the region network branches (before they reach the breakeven point); analysing current activities of the branches that have not made profit on time; identifying causes of long payback periods and proposing adequate solutions.
•Participating in the budget process, providing control and redistribution of branches' budgets (OPEX)

Head of Economic Analysis, Department of Development

с 05.2008 по 02.2010 (1 год 9 месяцев)
JSB “SBERBANK”, Kyiv (Financial Sector)

•Carrying out comprehensive analysis of regional branch network, including in-time reports and ad-hoc requests.
•Budget planning for regional network regarding operating expenses (OPEX) and capital expenditures (CAPEX, including development budget), implementing control and redistribution of OPEX and CAPEX while managing ongoing activities.
•Analyzing profitability and efficiency of the regional branches; introduction of regional network rating systems.
•Calculation (and applying for Board approval) of effectiveness indicators for regional branches and monitoring of these indicators for branches' performance evaluation; loss analysis; proposing measures to achieve the maximum network efficiency and ways to implement them.

Head of Department of Development

с 07.2007 по 04.2008 (9 месяцев)
“CB “FINANCIAL INITIATIVE””Ltd., Kyiv (Financial Sector)

•Organizing the launch of the Bank's regional network, including a full range of activities for opening the first five regional branches.
•Effective site selection for network of regional branches
•Identifying appropriate format strategies for regional network development, creating format standards for the Bank's regional branches (requested by the Bank Supervisory Board

Deputy Head of the Department of Development (Crisis Management)

с 12.2006 по 07.2007 (7 месяцев)
“UKRPROMBANK” Ltd., Kyiv (Financial Sector.)

•Participating in (and running) the plan and non-plan control checks of regional offices' activities (including financial and economic activities).
•Participating in (and running) the Committee on Delegation of Powers to Regional Offices; fulfilling the duties of the Head of Regional Offices if necessary.
•Participation in formulating proposals for motivating managers of branches and offices, based on their performance; participation in structures and staff revisions.
•Calculating the level of regional offices' expenditures (CAPEX/OPEX) for creating new jobs or elimination the existing ones.

Deputy Head of the Department of Development (Economic Analysis)

с 07.2005 по 12.2006 (1 год 5 месяцев)
“UKRPROMBANK” Ltd., Kyiv (Financial Sector)

•Carrying out financial analysis assignments and reports of regional network.
•Monitoring and analyzing activities of regional network offices; analysis of existing indicators of effectiveness and making proposals aimed at stimulating efficiency of regional network offices.
•Participation in formulating proposals for motivating branch and office managers, based on their performance.
•Participation in the control checks of regional network offices' activities.

Senior Specialist, Department of Development

с 11.2003 по 07.2005 (1 год 8 месяцев)
“UKRPROMBANK” Ltd., Kyiv (Financial Sector)

Expert, Department of Development

с 01.2003 по 11.2003 (10 месяцев)
JSB "PRIVATINVEST", Kyiv (Financial Sector)


с 09.1999 по 04.2001 (1 год 7 месяцев)
"BASFI" Ltd., Kyiv (Advertising)


National Aviation University

Department of Business Administration, Master's degree, Kyiv
Высшее, с 09.1999 по 12.2001 (2 года 3 месяца)

Дополнительное образование

  • Introduction to Project Management - The University of Adelaide - AdelaideX MOOC (free on-line course) (2016)
  • BIG DATA: from data to decisions - Queensland University of Technology (free on-line course) (2016)
  • Financial Analysis and Decision Making - Tsinghua University - TsinghuaX (China) (free on-line course) (2016)
  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel - Microsoft (Edx) (free online course) (2016)
  • Management Accounting for Decision Making - Indian Institute of Management-IIMBx (free online course) (2016)
  • Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management - University of Virginia (free on-line course) (2016)
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting - University of Pennsylvania(free on-line course) (2016)

Профессиональные и другие навыки

Навыки работы с компьютером
Strong skills in MS Windows, MS Office (incl. MS Exсel, MS PowerPoint)
MS Exсel - advanced user, good with pivot tables, big data.
MS Project - experinced user.
SAP, SAP Project, Hyperion - proven skills.
SQL - query writing skills.
MS Access - working with tables and queries.

Дополнительная информация

•Result-focused person with strong organization and management skills (successful experience in managing project team).
•Strong skills in comprehensive analysis of the regional network, sales analysis, identifying strengths and negative factors, introduction of rating system.
•Proven skills in presentation.
•Skills in working with big data, PL, BS, CF.
•Experience in the budgeting and controlling of offices' expenses (CAPEX/OPEX).
•Business consultant experience in testing/upgrading application software.

Russian, Ukrainian - native speaker
English - I can attend an interview

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