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Budayev Oleksiy

RF planning, optimisation engineer

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39 лет
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Опыт работы

E2E Optimisation Engineer

с 05.2011 по 03.2012 (10 месяцев)
Nokia Siemens Ukraine, (Telecommunications)

Member of Central Professional Services Delivery Team (HQ in Vienna, Austria)
Similar responsibilities since Motorola Networks was acquired by NSN

Delivery and support for GSM network optimisation/planning projects in Russia, Nigeria:
•Initial project tasks development and process planning
•Network sites redesign in Nigeria (Forsk Atoll Automatic Cell Planning; Measurement Reports/ Location estimation based optimisation; Drive tests based) – customer data consolidation, customer/local office team interaction, RF planning tool project setup/execution; results delivery to the customer/local team, training delivery to the local team
•Frequency planning (exMotorola Intelligent Optimisation System/Measurement Reports based, Actix Cellopt AFP, Forsk Atoll AFP) – successfully implemented in whole Moscow area: initial requirements/limitations/strategy analysis; data collection; frequency plan design; implementation; performance check
•Antenna optimisation project for Moscow area – customer data consolidation; worst cells selection; recommendations preparation; implementation control; network performance control;
•Network site audit project - initial project stage coordination; customer data consolidation; audit database creation/support; data consistency control;
•Network site modernisation – selecting new sites; recommendations for existing sites optimisation

RF Optimisation Engineer

с 07.2005 по 04.2011 (5 лет 9 месяцев)
Motorola Ukraine, (Telecom)

Delivery and support for GSM network optimisation projects in Eastern Europe, Africa and Middle East: Ukraine (major cities and regions), Morocco (Tangier), Iraq(Baghdad and regions), Jordan(Amman and major cities), Lebanon, Russia (Moscow and Moscow region):

Responsible for network optimisation/planning process, including:
•Overall project coordination in different regions
•Motorola Intelligent Optimisation System projects execution for multivendor networks
•Motorola Intelligent Design and Growth Planning projects execution
•Measurement Reports data collection- equipment setup and execution
•Frequency plan design, implementation, performance check, strategy recommendations
•Network neighbour list optimization on cell/area/network level
•Cell coverage optimization analysis, physical changes recommendations, implementation control
•Traffic/Capacity management analysis
•Network performance analysis and problem solving
•Drive tests analysis
•Automatic cell planning
•RF planning tools setup and maintenance
•WiMax rollout planning and analysis

Leading Design Engineer

с 07.2002 по 07.2005 (3 года)
Trirema Ltd, Kiev (Telecom)

•Responsible for development of the wireless telecommunication system “MIDIS”: beginning from concept design up to the manufacturing stage
•Developed and integrated a wireless local loop system’s architecture
•Took part in system’s deployment in the city of Kuwait
•Developed algorithms for the subscribers’ wireless access system


National Technical University of Ukraine

Institute of Telecommunication Systems, Kiev
Высшее, с 09.1996 по 06.2002 (5 лет 9 месяцев)

MS in Electronics and Telecommunications

Дополнительное образование

  • Motorola Intelligent Optimization System (MV-IOS) Workshop (2005, 1 week)
  • Motorola Intelligent Design and Growth Planning Service (IDGP) (2007, 1 week)
  • Motorola BSS Operational Theory (2006, 1 week)
  • Motorola GSM Introduction to BSS Database (2006, 1 week)
  • Motorola Advanced BSS Database (2006, 1 week)
  • Introduction to BSS Planning and Dimensioning (2006, 1 week)
  • Principles of RF Planning (2006, 1 week)
  • WiMAX introduction (2007, 2 days)
  • Optimi xACP/xWizard workshop (2008, 2 days)
  • Network Performance (2007, 1 week)
  • Motorola Intelligent Optimization System (MV-IOS) Workshop (2007, 1 week)
  • Forsk Atoll 2.8 Essentials: GSM+UMTS, Automatic Cell Planning; Mar`11, Vienna, Austria (2011, 1 week)

Дополнительная информация

Skills & Competencies
•4 years previous experience in Optimizing a live GSM network
•Ability to solve complex network performance issues through statistical and drive tests analysis
•Familiar with network planning and optimization tools: NetPlan, Motorola MV-IOS, TEMS, Actix CellOpt, MapInfo
•Ability to work with other engineering groups to identify overall network issues and identify solutions
•Strong background of mobile telecommunication systems and standards
•PC literate: Windows 9x, 2000, XP; MS Office and supporting applications
•Languages: Russian, Ukrainian – Mother tongue, English – Fluent
•Strong analytical and learning abilities

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