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Odesskiy Vlad

Lawyer international space, Operating director, Trade specialist, 50 000 грн

Полная занятость, неполная занятость, удаленная работа.

39 лет

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Опыт работы

Lawyer, specialist in International Space Law

с 02.2018 по наст. время (10 месяцев)
Law Firm, Киев (legal services)

• Registration of the company in the State Space Agency of Ukraine, according to the Law on "Space activity in Ukraine"
• Obtaining a license from the State Space Agency, according to the Law on "Space activity in Ukraine"
• Registration of foreign economic contracts of the company, and obtaining permits for export import operations, in the State Space Agency, in accordance with the Law on "Space Activities in Ukraine"
• Certification of objects of space activity in the state certification system (UKRSEPRO), according to the Law on "Space activity in Ukraine"
• Standardization of space activities in the "center for the standardization of rocket and space technology," with the "National Space Agency of Ukraine"
• Company registration in the State Export Control Service, according to the Law of Ukraine "on state control of international transfers of military goods and dual use"
• Identification of the company's products in the State Export Control Service (DSEC), according to the Law of Ukraine "on state control of international transfers of military goods and dual use"
• Established contracts with licensed experts for product identification to obtain permits from the State Export Control Service (DSEC), in accordance with Resolution No. 86 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
• Obtaining permits for export operations from the State Export Control Service (DSEC) in accordance with Resolution No. 86 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
• legal and operational support of all export deliveries, logistics, customs.
• Harmonization of Ukrainian legislation in accordance with international law and international space law:
- General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade of GATT 1947, 1994
- Laws of Ukraine on ratification to GATT / WTO
- Protocol on Ukraine's accession to the WTO
- Agreement on application of the World Trade Organization
- Agreement on import licensing procedures according to GATT 1994
- Agreement on trade in civil aviation
- Resolution 1540 adopted by the UN Security Council
- Regulation No. 428/2009 The European Export Control Regime
- UN Convention on Registration of Objects Launched into Outer Space No. 995_253, 1974.
- Other UN treaties relating to outer space
- The work of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
- US Commercial Space Law 2015

Director of export department

с 09.2017 по 04.2018 (7 месяцев)
Agro Trade, Киев (AGRO TRADING)

• Excellent knowledge of Ukrainian legislation.
• Organization of a new B2B sales department.
• Analysis of the competitiveness of the company's products in the countries of food exporters. Analysis of the capacity of markets for each country, with import-dependent consumption of sugar, flour, vegetable oil.
• Optimization of the export price, due to the choice of alternative logistics, rail, sea bulk cargo. Leaving containers, which brought significant savings.
• Search and attraction of corporate clients from different regions of the world. Work with the Caspian group of countries, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc. Mediterranean group, Italy, Albania, Egypt, Israel, Arab Emirates, etc.
• Create a logistics department from scratch. Signing and servicing contracts for the sale of agricultural products under the terms of CIF and FOB. Work with alternative ports, bypassing Odessa. Mykolaiv region, Kherson.
• Organization of container transport by sea. Large volumes of supply "bulk" way. And also the organization of railway transport in wagons. Optimization of logistics routes, depending on the country receiving the goods.
• Receiving additional profit of the company, due to changes in product packaging, change of packaging for export supplies, departure from bags to bigbags. The organization of new logistics routes with a new form of packing cargo, to new types of delivery, to bulk, sea.
• Work on product certification. Customs Glossary EX. Loading of unloading works in the port and other entire range of delivery services.
• Presentation of products at industry conferences, exhibitions and seminars.
• International travel, signing of working contracts for the supply of goods for export.

Commercial director

с 01.2017 по 10.2017 (9 месяцев)
Woodworking company, Киев (Processing of products from hardwoods, oak, ash; Sale and subsequent export of parquet, veneer, boards, slats and more. B2B sales Europe and China)

• Work from scratch, in the shortest possible time, the organization of the supply of raw materials, its processing and sale of foreign trade contracts;
• Procurement of raw materials, logistics in Ukraine;
• Processing under tolling contracts at Ukrainian enterprises;
• Organization of schemes for selling B2B goods and cash flow for the optimization of taxes within Ukraine and the non-resident country;
• Optimization of shipping documents;
• Solution of customs issues, quarantine service of Ukraine;
• Delivery of goods on condition FOB, CIF, FCA, DAP, DDP (incoterms 2010);
• Search and work with new clients, marketing research.


с 01.2013 по 05.2017 (4 года 4 месяца)
ASKVED, Киев (Agro-trading, foreign trade activities, transportation, Consulting services, legal consulting on Ukrainian legislation and international law)

• Establishment of a trade representation in Ukraine, according to national legislation. Optimization of taxation. Harmonization in international law.
• B2B sales, EX, IM, TR, placement on the temporary storage by DAP, DDP.
• Trade in basic agricultural products, Sugar, Flour, Sunflower-seed oil;
• Work with large plants for processing products, Agro holdings, agricultural enterprises;
• Organization of the department of foreign economic activity from "zero";
• Also, the service of a number of companies in the field of foreign economic activity under the contracts of commission, consignment, consulting, purchase and sale, tolling contracts, customs brokerage services;
• Supplies of raw materials for the uninterrupted operation of the plant, export and import of finished products;
• Customer search, analysis of import / export flows in Ukraine for the client;
• Preparation and support of foreign economic contracts;
• Qualitative development, implementation and monitoring of schemes for import / export of goods;
• Identification of efficient and safe channels of goods transport / export, according to various schemes;
• Work with complex cargo, solution of tariff issues, nomenclature, SBU, Quarantine, SES and other licensing authorities;
• Organization of uninterrupted operation of the department for customs clearance of goods.

• Organization of import / export of products through their company. • Optimization of customs taxes, tax credit. Solution of non-tariff regulation issues.
• Analysis and research of foreign markets
• Development of a strategy for product promotion and brand development in foreign markets;
• Work with the assortment;
• Search and negotiation with key market players;
• Harmonization of contracts;
• Coordination and support of shipments;
• Development of sales plans;
• Coordination of marketing activities.

Director of foreign economic activity

с 01.2012 по 05.2014 (2 года 4 месяца)
Turkish Plastic, Киев (Manufacture of PVC products. EX, IM)

A large enterprise producing plastic windows and other plastic products served as consultant.
Organization of the project from scratch, signing of supply contracts, search for suppliers. Work with customs, optimization of logistics.
Good knowledge of polyligroups (PVC, PP, PE, etc.)

Expert on the classification of goods and price value in CCI Ukrainian

с 05.2010 по 08.2014 (4 года 3 месяца)
Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Киев (Providing practical assistance to entrepreneurs in conducting trade and economic operations in the internal and external markets)

Work in different committees at the CCI. Certification of products. Verification of documents. Tolling agreements. Classification of products, work on the price of the price. Work with customs. Work with subjects of foreign trade activities, importers, exporters.


Kharkov National University named after VN Karazin

Economics, Харьков
Высшее, с 09.1996 по 06.2001 (4 года 9 месяцев)


Знание языков

Английский — средний

Дополнительная информация

Lawyer specialist in international space law

The main tasks in the future company:
• Participation in the development of the company's development strategy for all entrusted units company;
• Active participation in improving the profitability of the business;
• Operational management of foreign economic activity and logistic system of the enterprise within the framework of entrusted units company. Optimization and implementation of key business processes;
• Determination of effective organizational structure and team building. Building effective communications between units;
• Monitoring the performance of departmental indicators, the implementation of key KPIs. Performance of financial indicators of the business;
• Budgeting and cost control;
• Ensuring a balance between the cost and effectiveness of foreign trade operations;
• Willingness to engage in new projects, quickly get comfortable, organize, systemize the work, establish a process for obtaining a positive result, profitability of the project;
• Ready for innovation.

About me:
• A professional with a high level of self-organization and work experience from an ordinary specialist, to a business leader;
• I have experience in the implementation and regulation, automation of business processes in the Company;
• I can plan activities and achieve results;
• Analytical mindset, I can quickly make decisions in multitasking conditions, system;
• A person with an active life position, who has a need for self-realization, ready to accept the challenge and achieve high rates;
• A person who is striving for constant improvement and quality improvement, capable of being a "vehicle" for change (проводник перемен);
• Focus on results, leadership, progressivity;
• Without bad habits, a healthy lifestyle, positive thinking and reasonable optimism;
• Married.

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Also consider the commercial proposal to lead the "project from scratch", with any budget.
I have my own projects for organizing business in Ukraine.
Driving license category B.
Thank you!

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