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Project manager, 15 000 грн

Полная занятость, удаленная работа.


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Опыт работы

Project Coordinator

с 06.2018 по наст. время (6 месяцев)
Oursorsing Contact Center

- Coordinate project management activities, resources, equipment and information;
- Provide new information to employees and to monitor the implementation;
- Optimization of schedule and manage of requirements;
- Solve of difficult situations and contact with head office;
- Calculate the wages and work hours of every agent;
- Create a good communications channels between agents/supervisors/project coordinator and project manager;
- Liaise with clients to identify and define requirements, scope and objectives;
- Assign tasks to internal teams and assist with schedule management;
- Make sure that clients’ needs are met as projects evolve;
- Analyze risks and opportunities;
- Monitor project progress and handle any issues that arise;
- Act as the point of contact and communicate project status to all participants;
- Work with the Project Manager to eliminate problems;
- Use tools to monitor working hours, plans and expenditures;
- Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation, plans and reports;
- Ensure standards and requirements are met through conducting quality assurance tests.

Control Supervisor

с 02.2017 по 05.2018 (1 год 3 месяца)
Dealist Solutions, Kharkiv (Outsorsing contact center)

- Plan short-range action-steps to carry out goals;
- Organization of work group more than 50 people;
- Assign jobs to subordinates;
- Answer for the all questions from agents and solve difficult situations;
- Train subordinates;
- Enforce rules;
- Lead and motivate subordinates;
- Develop group cohesiveness;
- Solve routine daily problems;
- Control or evaluate performance of subordinates;
- Reports for project coordinator and project manager;
- Create and optimize schedule of agents for a next week;
- Little connections with customers.


Kharkiv Regional Institute of Public Administration

Master of Public Administration - MPA, Kharkiv
Высшее, с 09.2016 по 02.2019 (2 года 5 месяцев)

• Public Policy Analyses;
• Public Regulation of Economy and Entrepreneurship;
• Economic Policy;
• Law-making and Regulation-forming Policy;
• Informational Policy and Informational Technologies;
• Personnel and Organizational-Controlling Activity;
• Public Administration in the Field of Ensuring National Security;
• Management in the EU-institutions;
• Political Institutions and Processes;
• Regional Administration and Local Government;
• Social and Humanitarian Policy;
• Public Institutions Management;
• Urban Management;
• Educational Management;
• Health Care Management;
• Management in the Sphere of Culture.

V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Computer science and information technologies, Kharkiv
Высшее, с 09.2012 по 02.2018 (5 лет 5 месяцев)

Knowledge and understanding:
-knowledge of means of information systems designing and implementation, and technologies based on object-oriented and component approaches;
-knowledge of formal languages for designing and development of information control systems, database and WEB;
-knowledge of elements of software project management theory and CASE resources;
-knowledge of psychological and pedagogical foundations of teaching computer science;
-knowledge of legal basis and principles of employment and intellectual property protection;
-understanding of tools for modeling and calculations related to high technologies;
-understanding of artificial intelligence incorporated into information system;
-ability to use interpersonal skills in projects development;
-ability to control the quality of software products and their development processes in accordance to the standards and norms;
-ability to prepare, analyze and edit documentation for information control system projects.

Дополнительное образование

  • Spalah IT school, Project Manager (2018, 2 month)
  • Certificate of Completion: HTML Fundamentals (2017)
  • The international passengers tariffs and transportation documentation (2017, 1 week)
  • Sun Rise English course (2017, 6 month)

Профессиональные и другие навыки

  • Навыки работы с компьютером
    Trello, Slack, Jira, MS Office (full pack), Advance PC user, Google documents, Google drive
  • Project managment (2 года опыта)
    Средний, использую в настоящее время.
  • MS Office (8 лет опыта)
    Продвинутый, использую в настоящее время.
  • PC user (13 лет опыта)
    Продвинутый, использую в настоящее время.
  • Trello (1 год опыта)
    Начинающий, использую в настоящее время.
  • Google drive/documents (4 года опыта)
    Продвинутый, использую в настоящее время.
  • Slack (1 год опыта)
    Начинающий, использую в настоящее время.
  • Agile Methodologies (1 год опыта)
    Начинающий, использую в настоящее время.
  • Scrum (1 год опыта)
    Начинающий, использую в настоящее время.
  • Amadeus user (2 года опыта)
    Продвинутый, использую в настоящее время.

Знание языков

  • Английский — продвинутый
  • Украинский — свободно
  • Русский — свободно

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