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WordPress developer, 40 000 грн

Полная занятость, неполная занятость, удаленная работа.


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Энергетический институт, Одесса
Высшее, с 09.1995 по 07.2000 (4 года 10 месяцев)

Дополнительная информация

2000-2004 Sales Manager
2004-2008 Head of Sales
2008- 2015 Founder trading company - retail toys
2014 - today - freelance work - website development, layout, website promotion, frontend.
2015 - 2016 - frontend of the company Astratest, PSD to theme wordpress
2017 - english teacher in Vietnam, Wordpress freelance
2017-2018 - Wordpress freelance developer

I help sole entrepreneurs and companies all around the world to create Websites and solve various issues related to the sites on the WordPress platform. A solid experience of 4 years allows me to provide the highest-quality services.
I have experience in project management and I had my own retail business, which gave me an opportunity to work on Upwork. I am proficient in WordPress, Photoshop/illustrator, CSS, HTML, jQuery, PHP, API, AJAX
etc. I can work with WooCommerce, WPML, qTranslate and other popular WordPress plugins. I also work with Framework, Child Themes, Premium Themes from the ThemeForest marketplace.
I'm making plugins for WordPress.
My work includes: HTML&CSS to WordPress Website/Theme, PSD to WordPress Website, Theme Customization, Problem Solving, Troubleshooting/Error Fix, Transferring Websites from one host to another, Responsive Web JavaScript Calculators, Receiving and processing data using Ajax and many more
Contact me for more details and And I'll answer all your questions.

I love to travel and to ride a bicycle. I love to learn and I am open-minded and responsible.

get an interesting job working with the possibility of further education

Education and Certifications
National Polytechnic University, Odessa - The Power Engineering Master's degree
Automation of thermo-technical processes and operations and the integration of computer technology
Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A.)

Project Name:
1. http://tellyseries.biz/, http://tophotmovie.net/ - working with template, API, creating posts, calendar and events from API, php and jQuery scripts, plugins etc
2. https://woweuboost.com/ creating WP theme, woocommerce, payment and customisation.
3. http://bro.co.ua/ creating WP theme, PSD to WP and customisation.
4. http://aboutodessa.com/ - all works, theme creating and customisation.
5. http://handok.ru/ - creating website, woocommerce, shop, all works
6. http://riviera.com.ua/en/ - all works, theme creating and customisation.
7. http://katerinastore.ru/ creating WP theme, woocommerce
8. http://haitun.ru/ all works, theme creating and customisation.
9. https://binixo.com.ua/ ,binixo.es , binixo.do - PSD to WP, calculator , theme customisation, jQuery
10. http://calc.w8shipping.com.ua/ http://www.w8shipping.com.ua/kalkuljator/ - php calculator
11. http://www.atbpersonal.com.ua/ - PSD to WP, theme customisation.
12. http://tetafate.ru/ all works, theme creating and customisation.
13. https://promosova.com/ - shop, customisation
14. http://alumhouse.ru/ - made theme WP from html
15. http://shkaff.od.ua/ -all works
16. http://tetafate.ru/ - all works, PSD to WP, theme creating and customisation.
17. http://novgorodtest.ru/ - PSD to WP, theme customisation.
18. http://gostr.su/ PSD to WP, theme customisation
19. http://severtest.ru/ PSD to WP, theme customisation, jQuery
20. http://www.uraltest.org/ PSD to WP, theme customisation.
21. http://promotest.spb.ru/ PSD to WP, theme customisation, jQuery scripts
22. http://mostest.de/ - PSD to WP, настройка, установка
23. http://intergost.com - сборка, настрокйа, multi languaages, Qtranslate-x
24. http://enorma.ru/ - PSD to WP, theme customisation
25. http://goldentest.ru/ - PSD to WP, theme customisation
26. http://rostest.biz/ настройка мультиязычности - WPML
27. http://astragost.ru/ - PSD to WP, theme customisation
28. http://rostesteurope.com/ - настройка мультиязычности - WPML
29. http://astratest.ru/ theme customisation, http://astratest.ru/otdel-razrabotki-astratest/
30. http://progost.com/ PSD to WP, theme customisation
31. http://uralgost.ru/ theme customisation
32. http://arttur.info/ PSD to WP, theme customisation
33. http://mostest.su/ PSD to WP, theme customisation
34. http://sevtest.su/ PSD to WP, jQuery scripts, theme customisation
35. http://primatest.ru/ PSD to WP, theme customisation
36. http://ugratest.ru/ PSD to WP, theme customisation
Project description:
Role: layout, configuration, assembly, mobile layout
Responsibilities and Key Accomplishments:
Technologies: wordpress, woocommerce
Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish

zurb foundation

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