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Селеман Анжела Олегівна

Game tester

Полная занятость, неполная занятость.

19 лет

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Дополнительная информация

Angela Seleman
 Education  Employment History
Lviv art school named after Lviv Lviv Oblast YMCA Camp Huckins Freedom New Hampshire
Oleksa Novakivsky Graduated Kitchen staff
School Diploma May 2014 June 2018 - Septemb er
Composition,drawing, graphics, sculpture, history of arts
Lviv National University Ivan Lviv Lviv Oblast I had lots of responsibilities,for example,to prepare food,clean
Franko Enrolled utensils ,do dishes and so on.I was one of the best and the
Bachelor’s degree Septemb er 2016 most hardworking employees. I always appeared at job 10
minutes earlier,which my bosses liked.I had to work with 13
Applied mathematics and informatics people in a team as well as deal with feeding over 600 people
which taught me to work well and fast under pressure.
Lviv Physics and Lviv Lviv Oblast
Mathematics Lyceum Graduated Silver Lion Lviv Lviv Oblast
High School Diploma May 2016 Sales assistant
August 2017 - January
Maths - Physics profile 2018
Lviv academic gymnasium Graduated
School timesheet May 2013 I worked as a sales assistant at a jewellery shop.I had lots of
duties such as helping people to find item they
Math profile needed,persuading them to buy an item,telling about materials
jewellery was made from and so on.
 Hobbies & Interests Private entrepreneur Lviv Lviv Oblast
I am a really versatile person.That is why I really like both Septemb er 2017 - January
drawing and singing.I have been studying at Art school for 8 2018
years and I am also taking singing classes.Also I am really
keen on doing sports.I attend gym at least 3 times per
week.What is more,I used to do rhythmic gymnastics for 4 I worked as algebra and geometry tutor.My duties consisted of
years, so I truly like stretching. boosting childrens' knowledge of math.
Furthermore,reading is another passion of mine.To my mind,in
order to be interesting and well-educated person I have to read
lots of books.
Moreover I like lerning languages.I have a really strong desire to
learn as many languages as possible,so I already started to
learn some.

 Professional Skills
C++ Intermediate
C# Intermediate
HTML,CSS Intermediate
Bootstrap Competent
Pascal Intermediate
Delphi Competent
Javascript Beginner

 Languages
English Proficient
Ukrainian Native
Russian Fluent
Polish Beginner
Turkish Beginner
Spanish Beginner

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