Резюме от 30 октября 2018

Slama Houssam Eddine

Aрхітектор, помічник архітектора

Полная занятость, неполная занятость, удаленная работа.

30 лет

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Slama Houssam Eddine.
Adress: Chukarina 14 apartment 01
Lviv-Ukraine .
Email: [открыть контакты](см. выше в блоке «контактная информация»).
Tel: [открыть контакты](см. выше в блоке «контактная информация»).
Facebook: mailo atouki.

- Education :

- July 2011
Diploma Architect State at the Polytechnic School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Algiers, Algeria (EPAU).

- June 2006
Baccalaureate series building public works, mention ab

- Software Mastery :
(text) Word , Excel ,
( 2d ) Autocad.
( Picture ) in design, Photoshop.
( 3d ) sketch up, Artlantis .

- Experience :
February 2016 - Nowadays
-At the architectural enterprise level
-Participation in national architectural competitions.
-Rehabilitation of precarious housing 100 dwellings.
-Project for the redevelopment of a military hospital in Ain Nadja,Algiers.

April 2012 - March 2015
-Participation in competition works as follows:
-Sketch of a geology research center in Tebessa-Algeria and partial
monitoring of the site.
-Charged with project of territorial subdivision of trade in Algeria in all
the phases of realizations since the sketch, preliminary draft, detailed
design, excusions and until follow-up and final acceptance.
-Participation in the competition of a semi Olympic swimming pool in Algeria.
- Development of an urban axis in Tebessa, Algeria (collective work).
- Finishes of plans in 2d and 3d of a project base of life in ras el Ayoun,
- Development of building permits and certificates of conformity for
individual dwellings and commercial and industrial buildings.

January 2012 - March 2012
-Organizations on the general operation of an architectural office.
-Information about the main tasks of an architectural office.
-Relation with the different partners of the office.

November 2010 - November 2011
-Visits to building sites (site organization, conduct of work, development of PV ...).
-Establishment of the specifications.

- Languages :
Arabic: Mother Tongue.
French: Bilingual
English: P.ability.
Russian: P.ability.
Ukrainian: Beginner

- Center Of Interest :
-Culture: photography, art,new technologies.
-Sport: fitness practice.
-Travel: Tunis, Morocco, Italy.Turkey, Ukraine.


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