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QA Tester (Intern/Junior)

Полная занятость.
25 лет

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Опыт работы

Обвалювальник м'яса

с 06.2021 по 02.2022 (8 месяцев)
Novus, Київ (Retail sales)

I came to this job without previous experience, but I was highly driven and motivated to learn this craft.

In the end, I learnt all processes and was able to sustain the meat section on my own (we had 2 butcher's on a shift).

Processes included: deboning of meat (Cows' carcasses, porks' carcasses, chicken, turkey), making semi-finished products like sausages, shashliks etc, keeping track of all expiration dates of the products and make sure they are fresh, and of course communaction with the customers.

Even though English was not required for this job, it helped greatly - all my colleagues knew they always could ask my help if they had encountered an English-speaking customer and it was a pleasure to me to help them out. I believe it did increase our sales and ratings after all.

When the war broke out, I had to leave the job.


ХЗОШ 101

Среднее, с 2014 по 2015 (1 год)


Знание языков

  • Английский — выше среднего
  • Русский — свободно
  • Украинский — продвинутый

Дополнительная информация


I am a beginning QA-tester looking for a company that will be bold enough to hire a worker without experience but who's highly motivated to learn and grow.

Overall Previous experience:

1) Manual worker in Hungary, Budapest (5 months);
2) Butcher in retail (9 months);
3) Customer support in gambling business (UK-market mostly) (4 months).

Regarding QA-testing position, I have only theoretical knowledge.

+Basic knowledge of SQL;
+Basic knowledge of Jira;
+Basic knowledge of Postman;

I am not afraid of companies that use English-only in their everyday work life, on the contrary, I am only looking forward to it. I can conduct an interview in English as well.

A quick learner and a team player.

Spoken English Level - Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate

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