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Junior Game Developer (C++)

Gameloft    VIP 
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Опис вакансії

Being a part of game developer’s team, you will participate in full cycle of game development process for iOS. Your daily responsibilities will be connected with developing and debugging programming code, integrating graphics, sound and network entries.


  • Good C/C++ knowledge (Required:OOP, STL, debugging. Be a plus:programming patterns, algorithms (searching, sorting, etc.), IDEs full-power usage, optimization, templates, making scripts.)
  • Good English (reading and writing)
  • Passion for education and self-education
  • Team spirit, sense of responsibility, deadline commitment

Be a Plus:

  • iPhone development (XCode)
  • Experience in 3D programming, 3D engines and Shaders programming
  • Experience in game programming
  • Passion for video games.

Please send your CV on this link:

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